An evening in the life…

After work tonight, I picked the kids up and we headed over to Noodles, where we enjoyed a free dinner.  We got to try their new BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese.  (It was pretty good – I could have done without the french fried onions on top…)  Aaron was with his running group, so it was just the kids and I, but with mac and cheese for dinner, they didn’t give me any trouble 🙂

On the drive home, I decided it was too nice of a night to go home and play, so we called Aaron and he met us at the park.  It was gorgeous and the kids continued to be happy and content while playing.  I was especially pleased when Chloe moved to a big girl swing (which she normally likes, she just wanted a baby swing because Devon was in one) when a smaller girl – 18 months-ish – started walking towards the swings. She moved so that the smaller girl could have the baby swing if she wanted!

When I got home and was unloading the bag from the sitter’s, I found this:


Chloe wrote me a thank you note.  It was a great way to round out a wonderful Tuesday night!


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