The Day-to-Day

Years from now, I want to be able to look back and remember all the little things about my kids that made me smile.  As it is, I’m lucky if I can remember what happened this morning.  So…instead, I’ll put it out there for the world to read, just so someday I can go back and read for myself 🙂

-Devon loves to brush his teeth.  And I don’t mean he enjoys it when we offer it up.  I mean that he starts yelling and reaching for his toothbrush any time he sees it.  Tonight, while he was brushing his teeth before bed, Aaron helped him get the top teeth/gums and he giggled constantly.

-Chloe is obsessed with her baby and her pretend friends right now.  She wet her bed for the first time earlier this week and blamed it on her pretend friends, because they were in bed with her and if she got up, they might cry.  She didn’t want to tell me she’d wet her bed, but when she did tell me, she said, “Don’t worry though. I cleaned it up with my tissue.” Not so much, kiddo – but she tried!

-Devon still isn’t walking, but he’s a crawling, climbing machine!  He’s a big fan of climbing up the stairs and he definitely doesn’t need any help – or so he thinks.  He kept slipping the other day, so I had my hand gently near his bottom. He wanted no part of it!  He kept whipping around and trying to push my hand away.  He also loves climbing into chairs/beds/couches, but he still doesn’t get the whole ‘you can fall off the edge’ idea.  Earlier this week, I let him fall out of the rocking chair in our playroom (where there’s a padded floor).  He whined for a few seconds, then climbed right back up. Apparently he learned nothing.  Oh boy – what a boy we have on our hands!

-For about 2 weeks now, Chloe Mae has worn some variation of this outfit: tank top, shirt, pants and skirt.  And I don’t mean she’s picked a few from that list. She wears all 4 every day.  Tonight, she was very concerned, because there are no more tank tops in her drawer, so she didn’t know what she’d wear tomorrow. I said something to Aaron about seeing undershirts that we should buy for her.  She whipped her head around, “What mommy?!”  When I explained what I was talking about, she asked if we could go buy some tomorrow morning.  (Don’t worry – I figured out a get-up with a dress for tomorrow that she thinks will meet her standards!)


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  1. gorgeous

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS. Thanks for sharing; started my day off with glee.

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