I’m Thankful For…Day 12

I’m thankful I didn’t burn the house down today.  And I don’t mean that as a figure of speech – I mean that quite literally.

While making lunch today, the burner caught on fire (there may or may not have been a spill by someone else a few days ago that wasn’t cleaned up…)  In a matter of seconds, I tried to figure out if we have a fire extinguisher (don’t think so), remembered that you shouldn’t pour water on a grease fire (but then decided this wasn’t a grease fire) and then poured water on it (with a pan of water literally in my hands, it was tough not to.)  However, that was a mistake.  Turns out, it was some sort of grease fire.  So the fire shot up to the top of our over-the-range microwave.  At that point, I looked back to make sure Chloe was still at the sink washing her hands.  When I turned back to the stove, the fire was magically out.

Chloe then chastised me for scaring her.  I apologized and said it scared me too.  We hugged and about 10 minutes later, my heart rate was finally back down to a normal rate.

This is why my husband does the cooking!!



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2 responses to “I’m Thankful For…Day 12

  1. gorgeous

    Thank goodness!

  2. Dad

    Be careful there! Fires are not your freind. Did you find out what it was and the potential has been removed?

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