Captain Chaos and Destructor!

Although Devon is adorable when he dresses up in his sister’s princess dresses and tutus, I thought it was time he had something of his own to dress up in.  My solution – a superhero cape!  And since Chloe kindly shares her dress up clothes, I thought she should have one too.  I used this as my inspiration and in no time at all, both kids had capes with their initial on the back.  Aaron aptly nicknamed the kids Captain Chaos and Destructor, based on their personalities and initials.  🙂  Here are our pajama-clad superheroes!



Devon’s cape is 24″ from top to bottom and Chloe’s is 30″. I used a bib to figure out the neck size and just free-handed the letters.  I stitched on the velcro and used a craft glue and a zig-zag stitch to attach the letter.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, don’t let that stop you.  When you cut felt, you don’t have to hem the edges at all and you could just use craft glue for both the velcro and letter, but since I have a sewing machine, I put it to use 🙂

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