Giggling Tantrum Boy

This video isn’t working in this post the way it’s supposed to, so here’s the link:  If you want to see some super-cuteness, go watch it 🙂

How cute is our boy?!?  I’d love to say that all our time is like this, but we’ve entered the tantrum phase.  Usually, distraction is a good technique to end the tantrums at this point.  However, there have been 5 tantrums in the last 48 hours that we’ve had trouble ending without just giving in.  What’s the problem you ask?

The 5 tantrums were for one of two reasons: 1) He wanted to take a bath and we wouldn’t let him, because we’d already done a bath earlier in the day or were busy with another activity.  2) He wanted hot tea.  It’s becoming ridiculous how much he loves hot tea.

I can’t help thinking that we have a strange, strange kid.  And while that’s probably true, I can also say that we sure do have an adorable, unique boy!


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