C vs. D

I compare my kids all the time.  I’m pretty sure this is a normal mom-thing to do – I’ve been comparing them since I found out I was pregnant a second time 🙂   I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but it’s just happens.  After dealing with seemingly endless grunting and screaming the last couple weeks, I can’t help but think, “Our lives would be so much easier if this boy would talk even half as much as his sister did at this age!”

So far, he says, “TEEEEAAAA!” and “Bah! Bah!” when he wants hot tea or a bath.  He also has words for paci, up, bye, mama, dada, and Chloe.  He’ll baaa for a sheep, moooo for a cow and pant for a dog.  My favorite, he says “Maw maw!” which obviously means, “I love you.”  It doesn’t make much sense, but repetition and context tell me that’s what it means.  And I love hearing it, so I’m happy to believe it 🙂

Here’s the thing though.  I don’t know if Chloe actually said much more than that at 17 months.  Just because we can’t get her to stop talking for more than 5  seconds these days doesn’t mean she was talking at 17 months.  But dealing with 2 kids means I have less patience to try to figure out what Devon is trying to say.  And having an older sister means that someone else is often talking for him or over him.  I’m sure he’ll talk eventually – most kids don’t go into kindergarten grunting, right?

And when you have these adorable, chubby cheeks, why would you need to talk?




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3 responses to “C vs. D

  1. Nanna

    Ummmm . . . what about his words for Nanna and Dudad????

  2. douglas rule

    To my baby doll, I am so much stronger than people know. As I said before, life and experience. Wait, maybe that was that Ernest H . Guy wish I could find words of wisdom. But, I think I just did that.

  3. MamaMort

    You’re right, mom. I knew I was selling him short!!

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