Kiddo Update

Years from now, I want to look back and remember all the adorable things my kiddos did.  Here’s some randomness for your enjoyment (and for my memory’s sake…)

-If Devon is eating a banana as a snack, he’ll eat it whole and take bites. If it’s part of a meal, he needs it sliced up and eats it with a fork.

-When Devon first started eating solids, and barely had any teeth, he loved to eat meat.  Now that he has more teeth and the molars to chew with, he pretty much refuses meat.

-Devon still has a pretty limited vocabulary, but he can say chocolate (with gusto!), corn cob and squirrel – those two are related 🙂

-Chloe Mae says “gun-to” instead of “going to.”

-Due to the fact that she’s a princess, Chloe will only wear dresses now.  If she doesn’t have any clean dresses, ‘a skirt will do.’  But really, Chloe would prefer that we just do some laundry instead.

-We were having pasta for dinner recently and had cheesy garlic bread. We didn’t immediately put any on Devon’s plate, because he wouldn’t have eaten anything else if he had bread. Chloe noticed that Devon didn’t have any, so she tore off a piece of her bread and gave it to Devon.  Without any prodding from us, Devon signed “thank you.”  I love that my kids love each other and show each other kindness.


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