Rainy Day Fun

We’re trying to make the best of the rainy week (s) we’ve had, but we’re all getting tired of being  cooped up after a long winter.  So we’ve tried to find a few fun indoor activities to fill up our nights.  The first was a life size board game.IMG_0332

Each spot had a set of directions on it, such as “Sing your ABC’s” “Name your favorite food” “Jump 5 times” or “Give another player a compliment.”  We made our way through the game, including a crawl through the tunnel if you landed on the right spot, and then started all over again. Devon didn’t play, but he did have fun dancing along when we sang songs and playing with the tunnel.




Activity number 2 involved PVC pipes, suction cups and the bathtub.  Super fun for the kids and dad.  Every few minutes, I heard “Reconfigure!” and they’d start their fun all over with a new route for the water to flow.



Hopefully we get some nicer weather soon, but until then, we’ll be amusing ourselves inside!


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