Mother’s Day 2013

For me, Mother’s Day is about spending time with my kids (and my mom.)  I don’t need, or want, the day off.  But I don’t mind being pampered a bit 😉  Today was a great day.  We snuggled in bed, watching cartoons and eating cinnamon rolls.  Then my family came over for an amazing brunch that Aaron prepared for us.  Cousins got to play together and I got to give lots of hugs to my mom!  We all took a nap this afternoon, got some frozen yogurt and then played outside while Aaron made dinner.  After a delicious dinner and dessert, we played outside again until bedtime – tag in the front yard was tonight’s game of choice.MothersDay2013 012

My gift this year was pretty cool. My favorite part is that it was all Chloe’s idea and Aaron just helped her make it a reality.  Chloe wanted to give me a glowing flower like in Rapunzel.  So Aaron got glow-in-the-dark paint for these flower pots, which Chloe painted, and both Chloe and Devon picked out flowers to put in them.

2013-05-12_17-50-40_521You can see a bit of the glowing in this picture…

2013-05-12_08-11-13_902Getting ready to make brownies.


Hanging out in the backyard with my cuties!


Right before the games of tag started!IMG_0376




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2 responses to “Mother’s Day 2013

  1. marcia

    I still want to move in.

  2. MamaMort

    We have a futon in the office in our basement…

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