First Zoo Trip of the Year


We finally made our first trip to the zoo this year.  It’s a fun half-day trip for us, and we have membership, but the not-raining (or snowing) weekends this spring haven’t lined up with our free weekends yet.  Yesterday, we were able to make it to the zoo and spend time with family. Bonus!

Almost exactly a year ago, we went to the zoo with my brother and niece.  His family was able to join us again this year on our first visit.  My, my how the girls have changed!  There’s even a boy there who wasn’t even born yet last year!

The Girls, 2012

The Girls, 2012

The Girls, 2013

The Girls, 2013

The Girls and Boys, 2013

The Girls and Boys, 2013


I saw this idea for a Zoo Passport a while ago on Pinterest.  I happened to have enough time to put them together the night before, so it was a go!  Overall, I think they were a hit.  The girls were a bit distracted, since it was the first trip of the year and we had some extra family members around, but Chloe was still looking for animals to mark off on our walk out.  Today, she asked to fill in one of the blank spots with one of the animals not already listed – a giraffe.  Use your imagination a bit and you can see it…4 legs, long neck and purple tongue.  We also colored the panda red and added a star to it today, because we didn’t see a black and white panda, but we did see red pandas.
wpid-2013-06-09_20-33-21_169.jpgChloe’s already asked when we can go to the zoo again.  She’s hoping the penguin and tortoise will be out next time so she can mark them off.  She also thinks we need to head to some other zoo’s so we can mark off some of the animals our zoo doesn’t have – like the elephant and zebra.




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