Preschool Glimpses


Chloe’s first official day of Preschool is Thursday, but this morning we attended “Glimpses.”  It was a bit like an open house – just during the day when she will normally have school.  We had a checklist of things we needed to find together in the room and Chloe had a few activities to complete.  Then there was the requisite playtime.


IMG_0756Chloe is even lucky enough to already have a friend in her class, someone we knew from church, so she had an instant friend to play pretend with.  I’m sure we’ll be adding names to our list of new friends as the week goes on!

I’m preparing myself for Thursday. I don’t think I’ll be a crier. And Chloe certainly won’t be a crier. (Devon is another story though. He might not be so happy about his sister going to school without him…)  But I think there’s a good chance that Chloe will go off to her first day of preschool without so much as a backward glance or a wave for mom.  Because she’s excited. Soo excited! And so ready to play with new friends and learn new things!



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