The Official First Day

Today was the day.  The so very exciting day that started with Chloe Mae bursting into our room saying, “Today’s the first day of preschool, Mommy!”IMG_0760


This is what she had to say about her day:

“So….I maked this. And it’s for you, mommy. It’s kind of like a little book. And I ate snack! (Goldfish and apple juice.) Miss Jill bringed it today. After snack we played outside. Then, I….Then we went to playing time and cleaned up and went home.  So we singed songs and read stories and guess what? Guess what?!? A’s ice cream cone was right next to my ladybug when we sat down for circle time!  She was next to me! K sits at my table and she has a flower. I think D might sit at my table, but I don’t remember if D does. But he might. And someone with cherries. I don’t remember her name, but she sits there. And…then, at playing time we all had to take little velcro things and then whatever we wanted to do we had to put our thing on something. Like blocks, or drawing, or kitchen or read books. And there’s a ladybug on it too. I did books and kitchen. I didn’t make any new friends, just A and K, but when I get more comfortable, I might make new friends. I cut paper and swinged and then I just went home. Well, back to Miss S’s.”

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We managed the drop off without shedding a single tear. She was never even close (although I did get a long hug at one point), but I was teary eyed a couple times. It wasn’t sadness, just the amazement that my little girl is growing up to be such an outgoing, curious, friendly, excited little girl who is officially a preschooler now!  So we’re off.  The years and years of school have started for this family!


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