A Talk about Tattling

We’ve been working with Chloe on the idea of tattling recently. She’s sort of a black-and-white kid – a rule follower. Which means that every little infraction of a playmate (friend or sibling) gets reported back to us. I’ve taken to quoting Mama Bear from the Berenstain Bears. It’s something like, “Tattling is sharing to get someone in trouble. Telling is sharing to help someone.”

Last Saturday, Chloe interrupted a conversation Aaron and I were having to tell us that Devon had dumped some stickers out in her room. I almost gave her the tattling lecture, but instead just told her I’d deal with it when I was done talking. When I got done, this is what I found:



I was glad I hadn’t jumped in and gone with the tattling lecture. Although, to be fair, no one (and nothing) was in any danger. We just had a giant mess on our hands. However, this was one of those gray areas that wouldn’t make much sense to my daughter.

After Aaron and I picked our jaws up off the floor and the kids stopped ‘swimming’ through the stickers (there’s a video…) we worked together to get every last sticker picked up. So there was a valuable lesson to be learned from all this: teamwork.

And maybe a good reminder for Mom about taking in the situation before making any judgments. And not just picking ‘lecture A, B, or C’ to deal with every problem that comes along.



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3 responses to “A Talk about Tattling

  1. Gorgeous Aunt

    Call the Wonder Pets!! Teamwork Teamwork

  2. Because it happened in someone else’s house and it wasn’t dangerous…That is AWESOME!!

  3. MamaMort

    We were actually pretty impressed with the area he was able to cover in a short time! I don’t think either of us was really mad -at just amazed!

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