Devon is 2!

Two years ago today, Devon came rushing into our world, and somehow my hair looked amazing.   To celebrate the big 0-2, we decided to take the day off work and head to the orchard. We had beautiful weather and had a blast playing all day long!



At two, Devon is giving us a run for our money. He still doesn’t talk much, so we deal with a lot of yelling, grunting and general frustration. He knows what he wants, and can be quite defiant when our wants don’t match up. Devon knows all of his colors and loves blue, or “BOOO!”  He likes trucks, swinging, getting dirty and doing whatever his sister is doing.  Devon gives great hugs and sloppy kisses.  Instead of saying, “I love you” to his sister at bedtime, he says “Night-night” over and over again and they both giggle hysterically.

This funny, adorable, independent, usually dirty and sticky boy completes our family in the most amazing way and we’re so thankful for the last two years!




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