Busy, busy!

The last few weekends have been crazy busy for our kiddos with birthday parties, movies in the theater, trips to the fire house and more.  No exception this weekend – today was a trip to the circus!  We didn’t tell the kids ahead of time that we were going to the circus. When we got to the parking lot, C saw the Barnum & Bailey trailer with pictures of elephants and guessed where we were headed. That resulted in C and I skipping through the parking lot, with D and the dad pretending like they didn’t know us 🙂  Bonus: Later in the show, we saw an elephant skipping. Yup, pretty cool!

Adults and kiddos alike had a ton of fun tonight and created fabulous memories!


Pre-show clown meet and greet!


Chloe got to try out the tightrope.


This was Devon’s preferred way to watch the circus. Sitting on the floor in front of our seats with his hand in the popcorn bag (or his mouth.)


Chloe also preferred the floor – it was far too exciting to sit down!


Pre-skipping elephants.


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