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Being Thankful



We’ve spent a lot of time this month teaching the kids about being thankful, and trying to be more aware of what we’re thankful for in our lives.  We put up a “Thankful Tree” in the living room and added leaves throughout the month of things we were thankful for.


Our tree earlier this month.


Close-up of a few leaves.


That being said, the last week or so has really tested our ability to be thankful for what we have. Our washing machine stopped working over the weekend and no amount of time on YouTube viewing the troubleshooting videos has been able to fix it.

Devon’s been having a lot of issues lately, including dry-heaving, lots of crying, not eating or sleeping well and losing weight.  As a result, we spent Tuesday at the hospital having tests done.


Waiting and waiting and waiting at the hospital.


We found out earlier this week that we need to find a new sitter, again. It’s for reasons beyond everyone’s control, but this will make the 5th sitter  for my kids in 18 months (thanks to a run of bad luck).  This is not what I had in mind for my kiddos.

And tonight, at the end of running errands, we were stopping at my mom’s house to start a load of laundry (because our washer isn’t working, you’ll remember) and when Aaron got back out to the van, it wouldn’t start.  The lights would flash and we’d hear a clicking noise, but that’s all we got.

*sigh*  Aaron and I were feeling pretty defeated.  I believe the words, “Seriously?!? Can’t we catch a break?!” were uttered.  But….

Our washer might be broken, but we have friends and family who let us use their machines until ours can get fixed. And although we’d rather not spend our money fixing the washer, we have the money to fix it.

And while we still don’t know what’s causing Devon’s issues, we know that his blood counts look okay and the MRI of his brain came back clean.

We have no clue what we’ll do on the childcare front. But again, I know we have family and friends who will help us until we can figure it out.

Having 2 kids and groceries in the car when it was dark and we were a few blocks from home, was not awesome. But we were able to get a hold of my mom, find their spare key and drive her car home (which already had carseats in it even.) And again, while we might not want to spend the money to fix it, we can if we have to.

So while we may have had more stresses in our lives this week than we normally do, if we try, we can still find things to be thankful for. Even in stress.  Having leftover pie and whip cream in the fridge doesn’t hurt either 🙂


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