Frugal Mama

We’re digging deep and trying to get rid of our debt.  We just paid off our van, so we no longer have a car payment.  Most of our credit card debt has been paid off.  Now we’re moving on to the last credit card, our 2nd mortgage and a lingering student loan.  To speed up the process, we’re looking for ways to save in other areas of our life.

We’re already pretty frugal. We spend our winters cold and our summers hot. It’s 59 degrees in my basement as I write this (it’s 65 upstairs, but always runs cooler down here.)  We meal plan and aren’t afraid of store brands. The kids wear hand-me-downs or garage sale clothes most times.  But…I’m sure there are more ways we could save.

So, share your best money saving tips with me! I want to hear them all – big and small, ordinary and extreme.


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