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Kids Say the Darndest Things…Seriously

As I was humming How to Build A Snowman this morning, Chloe said, “You need to listen to adult music to get that out of your head, Mom!” So true, Chloe. I should try that sometime. Oh, wait. Every time I try, you ask to listen to your music instead.  It was a nice thought though.

And tonight, Devon was sitting on the potty. He told me he needed to poop, but then asked for my help. The conversation went something like this:
D: “You help me poop, Mommy?”
M: “I can’t help you, buddy. You have to do that on your own.”
D: “I sit on your lap.”
M: “You can’t sit on my lap. That’d be messy and gross!”
D: *mulls it over* “You take off your pants!”
M: “That would just make my legs messy, buddy.”
D: *looks horribly defeated and declares himself done*

Looks like I’ll have plenty of laughs coming my way when I’m at home!

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I am Mama Bear, Hear Me Growl!

That’s what I feel like these last few days, dealing with McFarland Clinic. Remember last November, when I mentioned that Devon was having issues, including random vomiting and dry-heaving? We did blood tests, turned in stool samples, had an MRI – and still had no answer. And then the symptoms just sort of went away.

Until 11 days ago. In the last 11 days, Devon has gotten sick 3 times. Each time, he was fine, got sick, then was fine again. Then, several days pass, and repeat…

So I messaged his doctor, trying to figure out what to do from here. And the nurse responded, basically sweeping the whole thing under the rug saying it’s likely a virus. So then I messaged again, asking them to have the doctor (the person I’m messaging) respond to my message when she had a chance. So the doctor called and left a voicemail. She theorized that it might be allergies, with post-nasal drip, causing a gag reflex reaction. Possible, but we’re thinking it’s actually related to anxiety at the sitters. So I sent another message, got a response from the nurse again telling me that if it’s anxiety, he’ll outgrow it. I asked if they had any suggestions for dealing with the anxiety. Their response, “He may just be an anxious child. Just reassure him that you will be back, give him a kiss and a hug and leave.”

Seriously?!? That’s your response?!?  I’m sure that if I just give him an extra hug while he’s desperately clinging to me and then yell, “I’ll be back” over his screaming, that everything will be fine.  I’m pretty sure I could pass Parenting 101. I know that if your child doesn’t want to be left somewhere, you should do as the nurse suggested. But he’s upset to the point of vomiting – you still think that’s the solution?  *sigh*

I’m hoping that 3 weeks from now, when I’m staying home, Devon won’t randomly get sick anymore. But I don’t know this for sure and this doesn’t really deal with the problem – just gets rid of the trigger. And even so, I’d like it if my son didn’t spend the next 3 weeks vomiting. I’m pretty sure the sitter would prefer it too.  

I followed the old, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” rule and refrained from responding to the nurses message. I might call the office tomorrow and ask the doctor to call me, so we can have an actual discussion. Or I might just throw in the towel and spend a few hours on Google, seeing if anyone has any viable suggestions. It seems like it might be just as effective. Or maybe my loyal readers – and I’m sure there are many of you 😉  will have some ideas for me.  

Hopefully we’ll have a resolution soon for this guy!



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Is One Car Crazy?

As we prepare to become a one income family, we’re looking at ways we can save ourselves more money. We’re already pretty frugal, but I’m convinced there are more things we could be doing.  One of my recent ideas: becoming a one car family.

I know there are plenty of people who get by on one car, or no cars. But I’ve had my own car since I turned 16. (My first car was only a year newer than me, I bought it from my brother, and it quickly needed lots of repairs. I thought it would be a good idea to let my friends write all over the vinyl interior with sharpies. But, regardless, it was mine to drive when and where I wanted to.) So occasionally, the thought of going down to just one car and losing some of the convenience and control gives me slight heart palpitations.

To try to get some more information and calm my palpitations, I did what any normal person would and Googled “one car families.” I found some first-hand accounts of people who say it works. I think I’ll have to spend a little more time exploring this blog, as there’s a whole series on living as a one income family. And although we have been looking at an upgraded set-up for biking as a family, I don’t think we’ll be getting one of these any time soon.

You can ask my husband,  I come up with some crazy ideas. Sometimes I talk myself out of them. Sometimes he talks me out of them. And sometimes we jump in and go for it. But after mulling it over for a few days,  and doing my intense internet research, I feel like this doesn’t fall into the “crazy idea” category.

It will be a change. There will be an adjustment period. There might be days we question why we sold a perfectly good car. But in the end, I think it will be a positive change. We can use the money from selling a car to pay off our remaining debt. Our monthly expenses should be less without gas, maintenance costs and insurance for a second car. We will be forced to work exercise into our daily lives more – Aaron biking to work, walking C to school next year or hoofing it to a nearby park.

What do you think? Do you have experience being a one car family?

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I’m a Quitter

I’m a quitter. It’s true.

I have given my notice at work and starting in May, I’ll be joining the ranks of stay-at-home-mom’s. And you know what? I’m scared.

First, there are the financial risks. What if the budget we’ve set doesn’t actually work out? What if our furnace goes out and we have a giant, unexpected expense, without the cushion of a second income? What if? Honestly, I’m a total catastrophizer, so I could drive myself crazy with the what-ifs.

But, beyond the financial risks, there’s the fear that I won’t be good at this gig. Right now, I spend a good portion of my day away from my kids, 5 days a week. And they still drive me crazy sometimes! (This is where I start the what-ifs again…) So, what if being around my kids all day every day means I can’t give my kids the patience they deserve? What if they’re bored being with me all the time? What if I miss interacting with adults for a good portion of my day? What if I can’t give them the understanding, grace, love, fill-in-the-blank they are worthy of? And of course, the really important question, when will I sneak in junk food if I’m home all day?!?

If I can stop the what-ifs long enough, I usually realize that everything will be fine. We will adjust. We will figure it out. I know this is what’s best for our kids, for our family. I just need to hold the what-ifs at bay and trust that it will all work out.


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