I’m a Quitter

I’m a quitter. It’s true.

I have given my notice at work and starting in May, I’ll be joining the ranks of stay-at-home-mom’s. And you know what? I’m scared.

First, there are the financial risks. What if the budget we’ve set doesn’t actually work out? What if our furnace goes out and we have a giant, unexpected expense, without the cushion of a second income? What if? Honestly, I’m a total catastrophizer, so I could drive myself crazy with the what-ifs.

But, beyond the financial risks, there’s the fear that I won’t be good at this gig. Right now, I spend a good portion of my day away from my kids, 5 days a week. And they still drive me crazy sometimes! (This is where I start the what-ifs again…) So, what if being around my kids all day every day means I can’t give my kids the patience they deserve? What if they’re bored being with me all the time? What if I miss interacting with adults for a good portion of my day? What if I can’t give them the understanding, grace, love, fill-in-the-blank they are worthy of? And of course, the really important question, when will I sneak in junk food if I’m home all day?!?

If I can stop the what-ifs long enough, I usually realize that everything will be fine. We will adjust. We will figure it out. I know this is what’s best for our kids, for our family. I just need to hold the what-ifs at bay and trust that it will all work out.



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3 responses to “I’m a Quitter

  1. Donna

    Congratulations! All the what-ifs will work themselves out. You and your kids will never regret this time together.

  2. Barb Bock

    I don’t regret staying home with the girls until they were both in school full time. You will get upset at times but it will pass. Think of all of the things you will get to do with them. Enjoy this time. This time only comes once in a lifetime.

  3. Krista

    You will find time for junk food. I have gotten really sneaky. Lol. On a more serious note, there are some days that I feel like I do more work at home than I ever did at actual work, and some days where I throw everything to the wind and just spend time and play with my kids. And those days are worth more than anything in the world. It will take a little getting used to. Some days you will long for the chance to go Anywhere just so you can put real clothes on. But it truly is a wonderful step you’re making. I wish you the best of luck.

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