I am Mama Bear, Hear Me Growl!

That’s what I feel like these last few days, dealing with McFarland Clinic. Remember last November, when I mentioned that Devon was having issues, including random vomiting and dry-heaving? We did blood tests, turned in stool samples, had an MRI – and still had no answer. And then the symptoms just sort of went away.

Until 11 days ago. In the last 11 days, Devon has gotten sick 3 times. Each time, he was fine, got sick, then was fine again. Then, several days pass, and repeat…

So I messaged his doctor, trying to figure out what to do from here. And the nurse responded, basically sweeping the whole thing under the rug saying it’s likely a virus. So then I messaged again, asking them to have the doctor (the person I’m messaging) respond to my message when she had a chance. So the doctor called and left a voicemail. She theorized that it might be allergies, with post-nasal drip, causing a gag reflex reaction. Possible, but we’re thinking it’s actually related to anxiety at the sitters. So I sent another message, got a response from the nurse again telling me that if it’s anxiety, he’ll outgrow it. I asked if they had any suggestions for dealing with the anxiety. Their response, “He may just be an anxious child. Just reassure him that you will be back, give him a kiss and a hug and leave.”

Seriously?!? That’s your response?!?  I’m sure that if I just give him an extra hug while he’s desperately clinging to me and then yell, “I’ll be back” over his screaming, that everything will be fine.  I’m pretty sure I could pass Parenting 101. I know that if your child doesn’t want to be left somewhere, you should do as the nurse suggested. But he’s upset to the point of vomiting – you still think that’s the solution?  *sigh*

I’m hoping that 3 weeks from now, when I’m staying home, Devon won’t randomly get sick anymore. But I don’t know this for sure and this doesn’t really deal with the problem – just gets rid of the trigger. And even so, I’d like it if my son didn’t spend the next 3 weeks vomiting. I’m pretty sure the sitter would prefer it too.  

I followed the old, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” rule and refrained from responding to the nurses message. I might call the office tomorrow and ask the doctor to call me, so we can have an actual discussion. Or I might just throw in the towel and spend a few hours on Google, seeing if anyone has any viable suggestions. It seems like it might be just as effective. Or maybe my loyal readers – and I’m sure there are many of you 😉  will have some ideas for me.  

Hopefully we’ll have a resolution soon for this guy!




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2 responses to “I am Mama Bear, Hear Me Growl!

  1. Shannon Younger

    Have you tried to drop all gluten and dairy? Try it for 30 days and then see what you can introduce back into his diet. Sometimes intolerance isn’t at the same level of being diagnosed with celiac disease. Additionally, symptoms to gluten sensitivity can come and go. It obviously could be a BUNCH of different things but that might be a natural place to start and easier/better/faster than going the meds route for now. Another option is to take out all dyes. If you look up something about the dye-free movement, you’ll be able to read stories of families with kids who are sensitive to dyes and more about their symptoms. Sorry he’s feeling so bad! 😦

  2. MamaMort

    Thanks for the suggestion, Shannon! He tested negative for Celiac’s, but I’ve been wondering if it could be a food allergy/sensitivity. So far, I haven’t been able to pinpoint anything foodwise that might be triggering it, but these are good starting points!

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