Kids Say the Darndest Things…Seriously

As I was humming How to Build A Snowman this morning, Chloe said, “You need to listen to adult music to get that out of your head, Mom!” So true, Chloe. I should try that sometime. Oh, wait. Every time I try, you ask to listen to your music instead.  It was a nice thought though.

And tonight, Devon was sitting on the potty. He told me he needed to poop, but then asked for my help. The conversation went something like this:
D: “You help me poop, Mommy?”
M: “I can’t help you, buddy. You have to do that on your own.”
D: “I sit on your lap.”
M: “You can’t sit on my lap. That’d be messy and gross!”
D: *mulls it over* “You take off your pants!”
M: “That would just make my legs messy, buddy.”
D: *looks horribly defeated and declares himself done*

Looks like I’ll have plenty of laughs coming my way when I’m at home!


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