Temporary Insanity or Leisurely Mom-ing

This week, in addition to mom-ing my kids, I’m watching a 5 month old baby for one of Aaron’s co-workers. After returning from a walk around the block today, Baby B and I were sitting on the front step while C and D played. They were pretending to be nature fairies (we currently have Tinkerbell books from the library) whose job it is to paint rocks. I said, “Would it be fun to really paint rocks sometime?” And I got enthusiastic agreement from both kids. This is where the possible temporary insanity comes in…


I offered to let them paint rocks right then and there. With no prep time for me. While caring for a baby. With 2 kids who always manage to get far messier than I imagine is possible.


20140610-202657-73617930.jpgThe first couple rocks from C had some thought put into them. Then it was just messiness and craziness and I forced myself to forget the perfectly painted rocks I’ve seen on Pinterest. Probably 2 dozen rocks later we were done. Mainly because they were running out of paint.


20140610-202701-73621470.jpgWhether you’d classify it as insanity or just leisurely parenting, I’d do it again, because my kiddos had a ton of fun. I might choose a day when we don’t have friends from the under-one crowd over. And maybe I’ll get a wet rag ready before we start. Or we might just do spur-of-the-moment, messy, giggly fun at a less than perfect time again.


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