He’s Potty-Trained…I Guess

We’ve been working on potty training, without really potty training, for months now. The real thing holding us back was me. For a while I said, “I’ll work on it after I quit. It’ll be so much easier when I’m home with him all day.” Then I got quit and we’ve been soooo busy this summer, that my excuse has become, “I’ll work on it this fall after C’s started school. Then I can really give him my undivided attention.” Well, no more excuses.

Last Thursday morning, D confidently stated, “I am NEVER wearing a diaper again!!” So what was I to do? I put underpants on him and spent the day encouraging him. And he was amazing. Dry for the whole day. I’ll be honest though. I was a little disappointed that he succeeded. Isn’t that horrible?!? The thing is, I’m watching a baby this week. We had cousins over yesterday too – 5 kids for the day. So I knew I’d be distracted this week and didn’t want to add this to my plate. Amazing how I can keep pumping out the excuses, huh?

I knew I had to stick with it though. If I discouraged him when he was showing interest, that could cause plenty of problems later. So I did. And he’s done pretty darn good. In the last 8 days, he’s only had 3 accidents. That’s a pretty good success rate. So… Here’s hoping! Then you won’t have to hear about our potty training escapades any more 😉


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