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Cute Kid Randomness

I’m pretty sure that my kids do at least a half dozen things every day that make me laugh or smile and I think I should share, just in case someone else needs a laugh or a smile. But, then I generally forgot by the time I could do anything about it. However, I have managed to remember a few 🙂

C’s been having some issues falling asleep the last few weeks. One night when I could tell it was going to be a tough night, Aaron and I went to our room earlier than normal, so we were right next to her room. After getting up a couple times, and knowing she shouldn’t get up again, she came into our room and feebly said this: “Ummm…I think there might be a sorcerer in our house.” To which Aaron and I just tried not to laugh in her face. After a second of composing myself, I asked her why she thought that. Her response was, “Well, remember when I came out a little bit ago and showed you that thing on Olaf’s head? Well it’s gone now. So I think a sorcerer must have made it disappear.” I assured her that if it was the work of a sorcerer, it obviously must be a good sorcerer, because he ‘fixed’ Olaf and then I sent her back to bed. To clarify: I didn’t actually see anything wrong with Olaf before when she came out. It was just another excuse to get out of bed, so I don’t think we really have a sorcerer – good or bad – in our house 🙂

A few days ago, I thought D might need to poop, so we were running back to the bathroom together. Then I heard C running down the hall behind us saying, “Wait! I want to watch him poop!” And she did. Pulled a footstool up and sat right there while he did his business. Is this weird? Since having kids, I don’t even know what registers as strange anymore.

We often talk about how D needs to run “fast like a cheetah” if he needs to go to the bathroom. Today, Aaron was taking him to the bathroom and D was just meandering along. When Aaron said he should run, D responded, “I am running. I’m running like a turtle!!” Well played, son. Well played.

While D continues to work on becoming potty trained, C is working on other important life skills – like writing on the mirror. She thinks it’s one of the best things ever and loves “sneaking” in to the bathroom while I’m in the shower to leave me a message.


Prior to getting in the shower each morning, D and I have a bit of a battle. He thinks I should just stay put and snuggle him. Some mornings I can sneak out, other mornings I literally have to peel him off of me.  Recently, he tried to convince me to just stay in bed by saying, “No shower, mama. I like stinky mama!” I suppose it’s nice to have this sort of no-strings-attached acceptance 🙂


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Rocket Ride


C drew this picture a while back and it’s hanging on the art wall in the dining room. Obviously, this is Chloe and Devon in a rocket in space.

At lunch today, D asked me if I was on the rocket with him or if there was a seatbelt, because he needed to stay safe in space. However, since I’m not the artist, I couldn’t give him an answer.

Fast forward to snack time…

D: “Chlo, is there a seatbelt for me on the rocket?”
C: “No.”
D: “But how will I stay safe?”
C: without missing a beat, “Well, it’s space. So you just float around. Mom and Dad are there too, but there are only 2 windows, so you just can’t see them.”
D: “Oh, okay.”

I ❤ these two!!

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Our Kindergarten Girl

I didn’t think I would be emotional about Chloe starting Kindergarten. I was wrong. I cried this weekend, just talking about dropping her off on her first day. And I was teary today while we dropped her off. But I did keep myself from openly weeping in her classroom. #winning 🙂

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This morning while we were doing her hair, she said to me. “Mommy, I know what 5+4 is.” I said, “Oh yeah, what’s that, Bug?” She quickly and confidently responded, “Nine.” I asked her how she knew that. Her response – “Well, I know that 5+5 is 10. Since 4 is 1 less than 5, I knew it had to be 1 less than 10.” What a clever girl we have! I might as well start the countdown now – how many days until Chloe is officially smarter than me.

One of the things Chloe was most excited about was packing her lunch. We’ve been talking for over a week about what she would pack on her first day – she chose a peanut butter banana muffin, cheese stick, apple-plum sauce pouch and blueberries. 

IMG_1339 I’d say it was a hit!IMG_1662

 She was also very excited about walking to school. The best part was, Dad even went in to work a bit late so he could walk in with us on the first day! I tracked it on my phone and it’s a 3/4 mile walk each way. Which means 3 miles a day for this mama! I suppose it’s not a bad thing to have a reason to walk 3 miles a day. Hopefully we don’t chicken out when it get’s cold!


The elementary schools all have early dismissal this week so the teachers can have mini-conferences. It’s a nice way for Chloe Mae to start out, but it means we have to pick Chloe up at 1:45, about 15 minutes after naptime would normally start for this boy. You can see how he feels about that.

IMG_1659Chloe is currently zoned out, watching TV while her brother naps. She should probably also be napping, because she’s obviously exhausted, but don’t tell her that! She’s in kindergarten now, so she doesn’t need to nap 🙂  Overall, I think she had a good day. I heard about how she drank her ENTIRE bottle of water at lunch and all about the Media Center system. She told me her student teacher would be there for 8 weeks and that recess was fun. When I asked what her favorite part was she said, “Really, pretty much everything.”  I’d say it was a success!


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Adventures on CyRide

Well, we did it. We traded both our car and van in and have just one family vehicle now, a Honda Pilot. Although we’ve been thinking about this for a few months now, and often had 2 cars sitting in the driveway this summer while we biked and walked places, I can tell there will be an adjustment period to just having 1 vehicle. Just a couple days after making the trade, I was meeting some friends in Des Moines for some girl-time. Aaron was mentioning what he’d do with the kids while I was gone. I said, “Oh, are you going to bike there?” He looked at me like I was crazy, until he realized he’d be at home with the kids and no car. Then he suggested, in jest, or at least mostly in jest, that my friends come up to Ames next time.

However, having just 1 car set us up perfectly to fit in one more summer adventure before C starts school on Monday. She got some tickets to ride CyRide (the City bus system) after a school field trip last year, so we’d been talking about riding the bus since before summer even started. Somehow, in the craziness of summer, we hadn’t gotten it done yet. Then yesterday, Aaron had a lunch meeting and needed the car, but he really wanted us to come out to his work towards the end of the day to enjoy the Farmer’s Market they were putting on. (Yes, they brought in vendors and had their own Farmer’s Market, complete with live music, at their building. It’s ridiculous. He loves it. I’m only mildly jealous 🙂 ) So, CyRide it is!

IMG_1274We needed to start our walk to the bus stop shortly after D woke up from nap, so I totally bribed them with suckers to get us all out the door, tear-free. Can you guess what color the kids picked out?IMG_1275C was very happy to be on the bus again. You know, she’d done this before, so she was pretty much an expert. “Oh yeah, the seats were like this when I was on the bus with school.” “Before, I got to open the window.” “Ooohhh, when we rode by here before, there were horses out and Addi started screaming, because she loves horses!!” “When I was on the bus before, they told us we couldn’t eat a snack.” Thank goodness we were done with the suckers!

IMG_1282D, on the other hand, loved the idea of riding the bus, but thought the whole no-car-seat-or-seat-belt thing was a bit of a risky move. So he had a white knuckle grip on the post next to his seat for most of our 40 minutes on the bus. He didn’t even mind that C got to pull the cord requesting our stop, because he probably would have had to let go if he were to pull it. He was still a very happy boy, just a happy boy with a firm grip.
IMG_1279Both kids loved riding the bus -“Whoa! Did you see Cy on the side, mommy?!?” – and we arrived at Daddy’s work just in time for some Farmer’s Market fun. Much to their delight, the trip included some chocolate milk from the cafeteria. We purchased some corn, basil and kale and the kids danced in the grass. Overall, I’d say it was a pretty successful summer adventure. One we might just have to repeat every now and then, regardless of the season, since we have only 1 car!



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Double Duty

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been staying home with the kids for over 3 months now. We’ve had a great summer and have just a couple more days to enjoy before we officially have a kindergartener in the house, and Devon gets me all to himself all day 🙂

This week, I’ve tried to do some prep-work for school lunches. So far, what I’ve done can also double as snacks. I feel like lately the kids have been eating snacks that are just a filler, versus snacks that are nutritious. Back-to-school is the perfect time for an overhaul!

So far, we’ve filled our pouches with homemade apple-plum-sauce and made homemade “Go-gurts” using these babies. The reusable pouches have been a favorite of the kids for a while now, but the silicone molds for yogurt, sans spoons, are new for us. We filled them with yogurt, froze them and took them to the Iowa State Fair last week. They were perfectly thawed by lunch time, a big hit with the kids and only mildly messy! Pretty much anything is messy with my kiddos though 🙂 They’re very excited to try out smoothies in the silicone molds next.


I also made a double batch of Peanut Butter Banana Muffins, regular sized for lunches and minis for snacks. These are super simple to make and are gluten free and dairy free with no added sugar, although I do add about half of the optional honey listed in the recipe. (And in case you actually want to make these muffins, I do not use a blender to make these. A mixer works just fine.)securedownload (1)

Do you have any recipes that can pull double duty for school lunches and snacks?

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