Adventures on CyRide

Well, we did it. We traded both our car and van in and have just one family vehicle now, a Honda Pilot. Although we’ve been thinking about this for a few months now, and often had 2 cars sitting in the driveway this summer while we biked and walked places, I can tell there will be an adjustment period to just having 1 vehicle. Just a couple days after making the trade, I was meeting some friends in Des Moines for some girl-time. Aaron was mentioning what he’d do with the kids while I was gone. I said, “Oh, are you going to bike there?” He looked at me like I was crazy, until he realized he’d be at home with the kids and no car. Then he suggested, in jest, or at least mostly in jest, that my friends come up to Ames next time.

However, having just 1 car set us up perfectly to fit in one more summer adventure before C starts school on Monday. She got some tickets to ride CyRide (the City bus system) after a school field trip last year, so we’d been talking about riding the bus since before summer even started. Somehow, in the craziness of summer, we hadn’t gotten it done yet. Then yesterday, Aaron had a lunch meeting and needed the car, but he really wanted us to come out to his work towards the end of the day to enjoy the Farmer’s Market they were putting on. (Yes, they brought in vendors and had their own Farmer’s Market, complete with live music, at their building. It’s ridiculous. He loves it. I’m only mildly jealous 🙂 ) So, CyRide it is!

IMG_1274We needed to start our walk to the bus stop shortly after D woke up from nap, so I totally bribed them with suckers to get us all out the door, tear-free. Can you guess what color the kids picked out?IMG_1275C was very happy to be on the bus again. You know, she’d done this before, so she was pretty much an expert. “Oh yeah, the seats were like this when I was on the bus with school.” “Before, I got to open the window.” “Ooohhh, when we rode by here before, there were horses out and Addi started screaming, because she loves horses!!” “When I was on the bus before, they told us we couldn’t eat a snack.” Thank goodness we were done with the suckers!

IMG_1282D, on the other hand, loved the idea of riding the bus, but thought the whole no-car-seat-or-seat-belt thing was a bit of a risky move. So he had a white knuckle grip on the post next to his seat for most of our 40 minutes on the bus. He didn’t even mind that C got to pull the cord requesting our stop, because he probably would have had to let go if he were to pull it. He was still a very happy boy, just a happy boy with a firm grip.
IMG_1279Both kids loved riding the bus -“Whoa! Did you see Cy on the side, mommy?!?” – and we arrived at Daddy’s work just in time for some Farmer’s Market fun. Much to their delight, the trip included some chocolate milk from the cafeteria. We purchased some corn, basil and kale and the kids danced in the grass. Overall, I’d say it was a pretty successful summer adventure. One we might just have to repeat every now and then, regardless of the season, since we have only 1 car!




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