Our Kindergarten Girl

I didn’t think I would be emotional about Chloe starting Kindergarten. I was wrong. I cried this weekend, just talking about dropping her off on her first day. And I was teary today while we dropped her off. But I did keep myself from openly weeping in her classroom. #winning 🙂

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This morning while we were doing her hair, she said to me. “Mommy, I know what 5+4 is.” I said, “Oh yeah, what’s that, Bug?” She quickly and confidently responded, “Nine.” I asked her how she knew that. Her response – “Well, I know that 5+5 is 10. Since 4 is 1 less than 5, I knew it had to be 1 less than 10.” What a clever girl we have! I might as well start the countdown now – how many days until Chloe is officially smarter than me.

One of the things Chloe was most excited about was packing her lunch. We’ve been talking for over a week about what she would pack on her first day – she chose a peanut butter banana muffin, cheese stick, apple-plum sauce pouch and blueberries. 

IMG_1339 I’d say it was a hit!IMG_1662

 She was also very excited about walking to school. The best part was, Dad even went in to work a bit late so he could walk in with us on the first day! I tracked it on my phone and it’s a 3/4 mile walk each way. Which means 3 miles a day for this mama! I suppose it’s not a bad thing to have a reason to walk 3 miles a day. Hopefully we don’t chicken out when it get’s cold!


The elementary schools all have early dismissal this week so the teachers can have mini-conferences. It’s a nice way for Chloe Mae to start out, but it means we have to pick Chloe up at 1:45, about 15 minutes after naptime would normally start for this boy. You can see how he feels about that.

IMG_1659Chloe is currently zoned out, watching TV while her brother naps. She should probably also be napping, because she’s obviously exhausted, but don’t tell her that! She’s in kindergarten now, so she doesn’t need to nap 🙂  Overall, I think she had a good day. I heard about how she drank her ENTIRE bottle of water at lunch and all about the Media Center system. She told me her student teacher would be there for 8 weeks and that recess was fun. When I asked what her favorite part was she said, “Really, pretty much everything.”  I’d say it was a success!



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2 responses to “Our Kindergarten Girl

  1. Favorite Great Aunt Marcia

    This brought tears to my eyes too. That little Chloe is very smart and clever. At about Chloe’s age, Josie told me “Gramma, you’re getting smarter.” I said “Really, how so?” She said “Because I’m teaching you stuff.” So, it won’t be long before Chloe THINKS she’s smarter that you are Mommy.

  2. Laura BC

    Just wait until you try to help with homework and she tells you that you don’t know how to do it. Worse yet when she’s right – I don’t recognize some of the new methods, and she doesn’t trust mine.

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