Rocket Ride


C drew this picture a while back and it’s hanging on the art wall in the dining room. Obviously, this is Chloe and Devon in a rocket in space.

At lunch today, D asked me if I was on the rocket with him or if there was a seatbelt, because he needed to stay safe in space. However, since I’m not the artist, I couldn’t give him an answer.

Fast forward to snack time…

D: “Chlo, is there a seatbelt for me on the rocket?”
C: “No.”
D: “But how will I stay safe?”
C: without missing a beat, “Well, it’s space. So you just float around. Mom and Dad are there too, but there are only 2 windows, so you just can’t see them.”
D: “Oh, okay.”

I ❤ these two!!


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