Cute Kid Randomness

I’m pretty sure that my kids do at least a half dozen things every day that make me laugh or smile and I think I should share, just in case someone else needs a laugh or a smile. But, then I generally forgot by the time I could do anything about it. However, I have managed to remember a few 🙂

C’s been having some issues falling asleep the last few weeks. One night when I could tell it was going to be a tough night, Aaron and I went to our room earlier than normal, so we were right next to her room. After getting up a couple times, and knowing she shouldn’t get up again, she came into our room and feebly said this: “Ummm…I think there might be a sorcerer in our house.” To which Aaron and I just tried not to laugh in her face. After a second of composing myself, I asked her why she thought that. Her response was, “Well, remember when I came out a little bit ago and showed you that thing on Olaf’s head? Well it’s gone now. So I think a sorcerer must have made it disappear.” I assured her that if it was the work of a sorcerer, it obviously must be a good sorcerer, because he ‘fixed’ Olaf and then I sent her back to bed. To clarify: I didn’t actually see anything wrong with Olaf before when she came out. It was just another excuse to get out of bed, so I don’t think we really have a sorcerer – good or bad – in our house 🙂

A few days ago, I thought D might need to poop, so we were running back to the bathroom together. Then I heard C running down the hall behind us saying, “Wait! I want to watch him poop!” And she did. Pulled a footstool up and sat right there while he did his business. Is this weird? Since having kids, I don’t even know what registers as strange anymore.

We often talk about how D needs to run “fast like a cheetah” if he needs to go to the bathroom. Today, Aaron was taking him to the bathroom and D was just meandering along. When Aaron said he should run, D responded, “I am running. I’m running like a turtle!!” Well played, son. Well played.

While D continues to work on becoming potty trained, C is working on other important life skills – like writing on the mirror. She thinks it’s one of the best things ever and loves “sneaking” in to the bathroom while I’m in the shower to leave me a message.


Prior to getting in the shower each morning, D and I have a bit of a battle. He thinks I should just stay put and snuggle him. Some mornings I can sneak out, other mornings I literally have to peel him off of me.  Recently, he tried to convince me to just stay in bed by saying, “No shower, mama. I like stinky mama!” I suppose it’s nice to have this sort of no-strings-attached acceptance 🙂



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  1. Favorite Great Aunt Marcia

    Aaahhh — that’s all I’ve got. I love em.

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