Homemade, Pinterest Inspired, Fall Decorations

I have Pinned thousands of things – okay, maybe not multiple thousands, but seriously, over 1000. They’re recipes, crafts for me and crafts for the kiddos, gift ideas, cleaning ideas… You name it, I’ve probably pinned it. We generally use a recipe at least once a week for a meal, snack or dessert. We clean our bathtub using a magical pinned method, I’ve made Chloe several skirts and I know what to buy my husband for Christmas thanks to his “Things for me” board. But the kids’ craft ideas – they rarely seem to materialize, even though they all look so fun! And, of course, easy 🙂

We finally made it happen though! The kids each made a picture that makes a great decoration in our entryway this season. I’m not entirely sure we would have gotten them done, had I not happened upon a good deal on a 3 pack of thin 8.5×11 canvasses. But I did find them, and we did do our projects, so that’s all that counts, right?

Chloe made a tree with multicolored leaves. Our inspiration came from this site.


Devon made a sign that says “fall” using painters tape and a canvas. It was a slightly less artistic version of this idea.


The kids had a blast and didn’t even make (too big of) a mess! And now I have these fun decorations to help me get through fall, the pre-cursor to dreaded winter 🙂



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