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Kindergarten – Half a Year in Review

It has been fun to see Chloe learning and growing the last few months. She loves to write and illustrate stories, practice her math and play school as often as possible. With a little work at home as well, C has become a reader. It’s great to be able to go to the library and pick out books that she can read ALL BY HERSELF! In addition to the basics, she also spent the last month or so learning about the traditional celebrations and customs for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. To finish up their studies, the class put on a musical performance for the families yesterday afternoon. Since our school doesn’t do any sort of music concert for elementary students, this was a treat! C did a great job learning all the words and actions and it was a lot of fun to watch them perform. Here they are singing, “Up on the Rooftop.”

Today marks the start of C’s 2 week winter break and the end of the first semester, which means my baby girl is halfway done with kindergarten! She’s also done with full days at school. Starting with her return to school, we have dual (public school and homeschool) enrolled her so that she will be in school in the mornings, doing her reading and writing, and at home in the afternoons when we will work on math, social studies and science. As much as C loves pretty much everything about school, she is pumped to start half days!

If all goes well, we’re planning on homeschooling full time next year. The kids are super excited about homeschooling. C loves that she won’t miss out while she’s at school all day and that she’ll get to help decide what she studies. D is looking forward to having his sister around more and getting to join in on the learning. This mom is also excited – although a bit hesitant, because I still don’t have a firm plan in place. For an organizer like me, this is unnerving. However, I have discovered that there’s a great homeschooling community here and I have a few friends who homeschool that I know will be great resources for ideas and support.

So, for now, we enjoy Christmas and time with family 🙂 In 2015 though, we’ll be full steam ahead into the world of homeschooling!

Oh , and C and her class wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

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