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And we’re off!



Chloe Mae is an official “half day homeschool-er.” Since returning from winter break, C attends school in the morning, when they primarily cover reading and writing. We pick her up right before lunch, then cover math and do our Five in a Row (FIAR) activities at home with D. To say the kids are loving it would be an understatement!


On her first day home, C covered herself in post-its that conveyed her excitement. Due to the excitement level, the notes weren’t her best work, but they said things like, “First day of home school!!!!!” and “Devon will do it too!” She then requested that I take her picture for everyone to see 🙂

IMG_3186We’ve gotten into a pretty good routine within these first couple weeks. We usually manage to get school work done before quiet time, and C’s attitude seems improved with daily quiet time. In fact, she’s usually freakishly happy and energetic after spending an hour in her room looking at books! But even better, we’ve also been able to bypass routine to do things like visit the animal shelter to learn about adoption – which relates to the FIAR book we’re currently reading – and visit daddy at work for lunch.

There’s a lot to do before we’re ready for full-time homeschooling next year – like finishing the school area in our living room and picking out curriculum. That might be important, huh? 🙂 But if my happy kids are any indication, I feel like we’re off to a good start!


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