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Our New Reality – Version 2.0

A month after becoming an official stay at home mom, I wrote a post called Our New Reality, reflecting on our first month home together. Now we’re 9+ months in and I feel like we have a whole new reality again, thanks to Iowa winters. Ugh. This is my 30th Iowa winter and while I don’t think I’ve ever been a big fan, this one might be my least favorite.

I am constantly cold. Seriously. All. The. Time. We’re fairly frugal people, and living on just one income now, we have a budget we need to live within. This means we keep our house on the cool side in the winter. By the end of December, I was miserable being in our cold house all day. When we got a new furnace last month, a more efficient furnace, we decided to keep the house a few degrees warmer to try to warm me up. No go. I am still cold. All. The. Time. Apparently, it’s just me though, because the kids rarely wear socks and often run around wearing flimsy dress up-clothes (or nothing at all if I’m not paying attention.)

As a result, I spend most of my time being completely un-productive, under a blanket (or two or three…) Pretty much the only time I’m productive is when I bake something, just so I can stand in front of the open oven door when the baking is done. Sad, huh?


To add to my woes, the combination of spending my days sedentary, under a pile of blankets, and eating the products of trying to warm up, will probably not do anything good for my waistline :-/

And then there’s my kids. I mean, they’re the reason I’m home, right? I don’t think they like winter any more than their mama. Now, maybe that’s my fault. I haven’t exactly hidden my feelings about this season ­čÖé ┬áBut more than that, they’re so sick of our house. And their toys. And each other. There is so much fighting, arguing and whining these days, it’s enough to drive this mama crazy. We try to make it outside as often as we can, but it’s not fun for anyone when we spend 10 minutes getting bundled up, just to go play outside for 10 minutes before we’re too cold to play any longer.

*sigh* But it’s almost over, right? I mean, seriously, somebody just tell me it’s almost over, even if you’re lying… I need hope that I won’t have to wake up too many more mornings with a -20 degree windchill and then spend my day trying to keep the kids happy while my toes are almost painfully cold inside my fuzzy socks and slippers. My sanity can’t handle much more of the negative temps. Or even the single digits. Well, or the teens really. If I’m being completely honest, I think I’m going to need 50’s before I can really thaw out.

I feel like I’m desperate enough to start bargaining. Like, “If it just warms up soon, I promise that this summer I won’t complain even once about being hot.” ┬áSeriously.


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