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My little girl and her big heart

Chloe is taking a homeschool PE class this semester  She gets her athletic talent from me (sorry, baby girl!) so this class is a great way for her to expand her skills and she gets to hang out with kids her age. She’s a big fan of the class.

She came home last week with a jump rope, a packet of fundraising information for Jump Rope for Heart, and a whole bunch of enthusiasm 🙂  She learned in class that every $50 raised can help save a life. She doesn’t just want to save one life, she has set her goal at 4 lives, or $200. In the following link, you can see her asking for your help to meet her goal.

If you find her valiant attempt at jump roping to be worth a donation, or you think her enthusiasm Is contagious, then you can make an online (tax-deductible!) donation at the link below.

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April 7, 2015 · 8:00 am