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Being Thankful and Real Life

It’s that time of year again, when we spend more time focusing on what we’re thankful for. 

As much as I hate when Christmas decorations, candy, music, etc… is out in stores immediately after (or sometimes even before) Halloween is over, we put a Christmas tree up in our house on Novemer 1. In my defense, it’s only a couple feet tall and we’re using it as a “Thankful Tree.” We had a paper tree on the wall a couple years ago and we wrote what we were thankful for on leaves all month long, but I wanted something different this year. So a Christmas tree in November it is – which I think secretly makes my husband happy ☺️ 
So far, the kids’ handmade ornaments say they’re thankful for things like plants, Legos, each other and school – because as C points out, not all kids get to go to school. D also drew an orange and strawberry to show he was thankful for food, and he actually took his time on the drawing, which isn’t like him. 

As I try to remind and teach the kids about thankfulness this month, I’m making an effort to work on my attitude and be thankful as well. Easier said than done sometimes. On a Monday when we’re all tired from a weekend away, the kids are both sick, the dog got sick, our microwave stopped working and I’m cleaning up mouse droppings and doing a full inspection before walking into the kitchen in case said mouse decides to scurry out – it’s easy to be grumpy (and I was) and ignore the good (which I tried not to do.) But, I tried really hard to find the good, and mostly succeeded. 

The girl developed a cold over the weekend and as the day wore on, her cough was in full force. But, since we homeschool, we lazed around for most of the day and still managed to work in her core subjects. 

The boy might be developing the same cold, and with his sensitive gag reflex, it caused him to get sick shortly after waking up. He was sick again after eating a little food. Sick kids, and cleaning up after sick kids, is no fun. But, it turned out to be really short-lived and he was energetic and eating by lunchtime. 

The microwave is making a really funny noise and takes about twice as long to reheat food. It’s also our oven vent and only a few years old, so the cost and time to replace it would not be fantastic. But, there’s a chance my handy husband can fix it. And my cooking skills, and those of my husband, are more developed than using the microwave (no thanks to my mom πŸ˜‰)  so we can eat in the meantime. 

The dog decided to join in on the fun and he got sick today as well. But, my husband was home by then and was kind enough to take over on clean-up duty. 

And then there’s the mouse. Or mice. But I prefer to think of it as just one mouse. Where’s the silver lining there?!? Seriously. Hard as I try, there’s not much there to be thankful for in my opinion. But, if I can get over the creep-factor, I suppose I can be thankful that we have a nice, warm house that a mouse wants to cozy up in πŸ˜•

And while I sort of felt like this today: 
 …at the end of the day, I have a hubby to snuggle up to while drinking hot tea and eating the chocolate he got for me after hearing about my day. So, really, all is pretty good in my little world. 

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