Our Homeschool Schedule

Bwahahaha! There are probably homeschooling parents who have a schedule. And it might become more necessary as my kids get older, but right now, we have no such thing. Which is one of my favorite things about homeschooling! Here are some examples of what our days have looked like the last few weeks. 

  • On Daddy’s birthday, we had a cake to frost and plans to take the cake and ice cream in to share with the team at work. Not wanting to miss out on anything, CMonster was high on motivation that day. All our school work was done by 10:30. 
  • That same week, we had some beautiful days with abundant sunshine and above average temperatures. As a winter-hater, I wasn’t about to stay inside on a beautiful December day. On one such day, we walked around Ada Hayden, met friends for lunch and went to the Meeker playground. We were finishing up our last lesson right before I started on dinner. 
  • We took a few days last week to visit some good friends in the Kansas City area. With a 4 hour drive each way, we had plenty of time to get some schoolwork done in the car on driving days. CMonster read out loud to her brother, did math worksheets, Draw Write Now (which is a drawing lesson and copywork) and some language arts lessons. I had her work for each day in a folder, with instructions written on post-it notes when necessary. She loved being in charge of her lessons, so I might have to try to work a self-directed day in every week – even if we’re not traveling! The kids also listened to two of the Boxcar Children books on CD and watched some Magic School Bus while we were in the car. 
  • On our full day visiting friends – who also homeschool – CMonster completed a math, reading and history lesson by about 9:30. Then we went to the zoo where she learned all kinds of fun facts from the signs and the friendly tram driver. It was a beautiful day, but the zoo wasn’t very busy, so she even got to see many of the animals up close and personal. 

  Checking out the hippos. 

Now we’re on an informal winter break this week. Aaron and I had a quick trip out of town yesterday and today, and Thursday and Friday will be filled with Christmas celebrations. We didn’t get our spelling lesson done last Friday, so we’ll probably squeeze that in between some present wrapping tomorrow. We will likely do some light schoolwork a few days next week on the days Aaron works, but only because the kids ask for school after a few days of downtime 😊

If you know me at all, you probably know I’m a planner. When I imagined how this year would go, I thought we’d have a schedule of when each subject was covered every day.  Although I do like a good plan of what schoolwork needs to get done each day, I LOVE that we have the flexibility to spend time outdoors on nice days, visit friends just for fun, or even just take it easy if we need a lazy day or some extra snuggles. 

Turns out, my kids are teaching me important life lessons along the way. Who knew?


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