For the love of bacon…

We love bacon. We eat it multiple times a week. If someone tells me they don’t like bacon, I kind of trust them a little less.

Well, that last one might not be true. But seriously. Bacon.

We’ve always known that it isn’t the healthiest thing we can eat. But this pretty much sums up our feelings on not eating it.

However, when the World Health Organization officially classified bacon as a carcinogen, I decided to do a little research and try to find a “less bad” version we could enjoy. I found some nitrate/nitrite free bacon, we taste tested it, and decided that it would work, despite the fact that it cost at least twice as much.
And then I read his article – What’s so bad about bacon?

Basically, the nitrate/nitrite free versions tend to substitute celery powder, which is a naturally occurring form of the same chemicals. The version that I thought was healthier, and paid out the wazoo for, had just as many carcinogens as my regular bacon.

So now we’re just eating regular bacon again. Because why would we pay more if we’re not going to lower our risk of cancer?

After my recent article perusing, I don’t know if slightly-less-carcinogenic-bacon even exists.  But… I’ve never smoked. I rarely drink. I usually use sunscreen. Hopefully my other healthy behaviors can help make up for my bacon eating.

And if you happen to know of a truly healthier bacon, please share your secret!



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2 responses to “For the love of bacon…

  1. Douglas D Rule

    Something is going to take you down!

  2. Douglas D Rule

    Drink. Beer,

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