Boys are so gross…

During a discussion of body parts that have bones versus cartilage, D said, “Oh, if there’s cartilage in my nose, then I’ve probably eaten some!” This boy has a nose-picking habit that can’t be stopped. He thinks it’s hilarious. Point proven: boys are gross. 

In case you need more proof though, I give you exhibit B. I decided to deep clean our toilets over the weekend. And by deep clean, I mean drain the water from the bowl, take the seat off and use a whole jug of vinegar per toilet sorta clean. The amount of pee that was under the seat hinges and all around the base of the toilet was absolutely disgusting. Based on human anatomy, I can only assume that the errant pee came from a boy. Regardless of which boy it was, although I have my guess based on years of experience, it was a boy. So, point proven: boys are gross. 

Luckily, in addition to being gross, my boy is also curious, creative, snuggly, adventurous, loving, determined… The list goes on and on. So I can overlook his grossness. I’ll just have to teach him how to clean the toilet sooner rather than later. The nose-picking might be a lost cause 🙄



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2 responses to “Boys are so gross…

  1. Douglas D Rule

    When I was A younger man and growing up it was my job to clean the bathroom. Taught me many things about both sexes!

  2. Douglas

    You feel n love with a boy.before you judge.

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