The Rule of Love

I will be the first to admit that I generally ignore the news. Since quitting my job a couple years ago, I don’t have anyone to discuss current events with on a daily basis, and frankly, choose to ignore the negativity. But there are some events you just can’t ignore – like the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub. And like so many of the news stories I just can’t ignore, my first thought is that we need more love in the world, and less hate.

I recently saw a post on Facebook regarding Christianity and love that resonated with me. Author Anne Lamott shared a letter that was written to her Sunday School class by Mark Yaconelli, about how he views the Bible and Christianity in relation to homosexuality. A portion of the post is below:

“Jesus said the teachings of the Bible are only useful if they help us love God (the Creator, The Maker, The Compassionate Presence), love other people, and love ourselves. Jesus says this is the Rule of Love—loving others as we love ourselves. This is the most important message of the Bible.

Anything that leaves you more fearful, more isolated, more disconnected from other people, more full of judgement or self-hatred is not of God, it does not follow the Rule of Love–and you should stop doing it.”

Now, I don’t know if the shooter in Orlando was acting due to an affiliation with Islamic extremists, as an attack on homosexuals or just as an independent madman. But I do know that he was acting on hate. I also know that reacting with more hate will not improve anything.

So, please, even if you’ve heard this (or read this as the case may be…) a million times, please hear it again. Do not add to the negativity in this world by placing blame and judging others. Go into the world and show others love. Show love in little ways every day, to your friends, family and strangers alike. Show love in big ways, by accepting others and not jumping to conclusions.

Just show love.



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