Swingset, Take 2

Four years ago, we bought a swingset kit and within a weekend or so, we had a swingset put together that worked great for our toddler and baby. However, four years later, it was clear that our kiddos had outgrown it. They hadn’t outgrown the idea of a swingset, just the actual swingset we had. That’s when we decided to build our own this time around. And thanks to my handy husband, he was able to take my general ideas and make them a reality, even when it became more than just a swingset!

This time, we were not able to complete the project in a weekend. However, Aaron, in all his awesomeness, was able to complete it in stages, so the kids weren’t without backyard fun for long. First was the basic frame and the swings.


When I feared for his life…


Ready for swinging!

Then the playhouse was closed in, so the kids had a roof over their heads to play in. Another weekend brought the completion of the loft, and then finally the deck this weekend. We still plan on putting a door in, but I’m still calling it done 🙂


C is totally impressed by our craftsmanship of the loft.


D prefers to slide his way out of the playhouse.


It’s done!

We found some battery powered lights for $3 a strand at Target – score! – to decorate the loft and added back in some accessories from the old swingset – like the periscope, steering wheel and chalkboard. I selflessly gave the kids the area rug from the living room to use in the playhouse (it will be stressful for me to pick out a new one, but after almost a decade with this rug, I’ll make the sacrifice for them!) We even picked up a couple adirondack chairs for the deck. Our “Tiny Tiny House” is good to go!


It was a lot of hard work, mostly by Aaron, although I’d like to think I was helpful. The kids also loved to help out whenever they could – hold boards, help measure and be tool gophers. It was a family effort, and hopefully, a family project we’ll all get joy out of for many years to come.

Seriously, this playhouse rocks!


The rock collection keeps getting bigger. And more colorful.


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