Summer Lovin’

Dear loyal blog readers, of which I know there are many of you – well, at least 2… 😉 – you might remember my dislike for winter. I may have even mentioned it once, twice, possibly three or four times on here before. As much as I hate winter, I am coming to love summer just as much.

My favorite part of summer, this summer specifically, surprises even me. I love going to the pool.


My view.

I don’t remember being a huge fan of the pool as a kid, so taking my own kids wasn’t always my first choice. Additionally, the first couple years we took the kids it seemed like more of a chore than anything. But this year. Oh, this year. The kids can swim! They’re not afraid to get their heads wet, and C has come so far, she can even go off on her own with friends for a bit to enjoy the slides, lazy river or “deep” pool. It’s 4 whole feet deep 😉

Speaking of friends – we often get to see them! Occasionally, we make plans to meet someone there, but more often it’s just a lucky coincidence! My already happy kids are ecstatic when they find friends, and along with friends, come friends’ moms, which means I get adult interaction. Score! It might sound corny, but the pool has created a sense of community for us this summer. For someone who never imagined herself being a stay-at-home mom, let alone one who homeschools and therefore rarely gets time away from the kids, this is very important!


Watching the ISU Football team dive with a friend.

As summer draws to a close (at least as far as the pool is concerned) I’m already trying to come up with ways we can recreate this community once the dreary Iowa winter sets in. I’m not sure how this will be done, but I know that it’s important. And I’m also pretty sure it will involve hot chocolate.

And in case you’re missing the Olympics already, here’s my kids’ version of a swimming relay.

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