2nd Grade & Preschool

All week, I’ve seen pictures posted by friends and family of their kiddos heading back to school. And all week long, as I’ve run into friends and family, they inevitably ask if we’re starting school as well. I think they’re looking for a yes or no answer, but I don’t have a simple answer.

D will be attending Northwood Preschool Center 4 mornings a week this school year, starting next Thursday. (You all can expect my adorable first day of school photos then!) The plan is for C and I to really start hammering out her school work when he’s in school, but one of the things I learned last year, is that flexibility is key for our homeschooling, so we may or may not really start up next week. Usually, flexibility is one of the things I love about homeschooling – although the planner in me does have issues every now and then 🙂

We have some things we’ve been working through all summer, so it’s hard to quantify the start date for our new year. When it comes to covering the curriculum I’ve chosen for C’s second grade year, we’ve started a couple things, but not all of it. And we don’t do every subject every day yet.

But we do still learn every day. One of our hopes for homeschooling our kids is that we can teach them about the world, by living in the world. We read books, the kids listen to audiobooks and build with Legos, Magna-tiles and PlayStix, C reads off recipes for me, they help me at the grocery store, we take walks, they help me with chores and the kids spend countless hours playing pretend.

I might fumble through my answer if you ask me if we’ve started school yet, but I can say that my kiddos are learning every day.

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