He’s a Preschooler!

I have had almost 5 years to prepare for this day. It’s been 3 years since I dropped off Chloe Mae for her first day. But, somehow, I was not ready to drop my baby boy off for his first day of preschool. I cried. Three times. The first time, we were waiting with Devon’s class in the lobby before he went back to his room. I hid behind Chloe while I cried – no joke. I cried as I was leaving the building and I cried again when Chloe asked me why moms sometimes cry even when they’re not sad.


While I was a mess, Devon bounced back and forth between excited and scared. While eating his pancake breakfast (because Daddy is awesome like that) he went from rambling about what he might do at school, to snuggling up to my side and telling me that he was “just a wittle bit nerw-vous…”  While waiting for the magical minute when he would walk into his classroom and his day would officially start, he literally bounced with excitement, then pulled Chloe and I into a giant around-the-neck-hug and whispered in my ear that he was scared. In the end, he bravely walked back to his room without a backward glance.


Chloe and I spent the morning without him, doing a little schoolwork (I swear we’re going to start in earnest next week!) and running some errands. At one point, Chloe Mae looked at me and said, “It’s so weird without Devon here. It’s just so quiet!”

We were back at the school 10 minutes before pick-up time, just waiting for our little buddy. When we picked him up, we walked out of the building, each of us holding hands with Devon, all the way to the car. He let us know that preschool was awesome and announced, “Snuggle Duck must have had a very boring day! He just sat in my backpack the whole time!” Turns out, he didn’t need any comfort from any stuffies, because school was just that great 🙂

This is what Devon had to say about his day: “I had snack, we read a few books before we left, there’s a art station, I have a blue folder and we got to learn about the stations. I made lots and lots of mail at the art station. I played at cars, the block station, the toy station, art station. That’s all. At recess, I played in sand. I can’t really explain the tools they had, but there were lots and lots of shovels.”

From the “lots and lots” of artwork he brought home, it looks like he was thinking about me while we were apart 🙂


He is so excited to go back tomorrow. And I am so excited that he’s excited. I am most looking forward to watching him grow into his own little man and make new friends as the year progresses!


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