Who I Am

I am a wife, mother, homeschool-mama-teacher, surrogate and foster mom.  My husband and I have been married since 2006.  In addition to our two children we have an overactive, but totally lovable, dog.  We live just a few blocks from my parents and a few miles from his – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s that whole ‘village to raise a child’ thing!!

My goal from the start, and still now that we’re into the parenting journey, is to figure out this whole parenting thing, while providing a safe, loving and healthy environment for my kids.  I tend to be a control freak, but am working on accepting that having kids means that things are sometimes beyond my control.  I know I’ll make mistakes, but I hope I can learn from them.  I feel luckier every day to have a whole network of family and friends that can offer support and advice to help us learn and grow in our role as parents.

So, wish me luck and please, offer up your thoughts and advice on anything I might post about!!

One response to “Who I Am

  1. We have mutts too 😀 It’s great to be near your parents, my mother lives close by!

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