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2 Week Check-Up

I’m lucky to say I’ve had two healthy pregnancies and two healthy babies as a result.  However, Devon decided to make us worry, just a little.  When the pediatrician saw him the morning after he was born, she heard a heart murmur.  They postponed his circumcision and checked it again later in the day.  It was still there, so they did some tests (chest x-ray, EKG, … some other things I didn’t quite understand) which all came back normal.  And at his 2 week check today, they didn’t hear a murmur, which means it was probably just a flow murmur that worked itself out as his body learned how to work in the real world.  Great news!!

While in the hospital, he also failed the hearing test in his left ear, twice.  They assured us it was most likely just due to ‘gunk’ in his ear, but we still needed to have it re-checked.  Like the murmur, this turned out just fine.  And check out just how cool he looked during the testing!!


He weighed in at 9lb, 9 oz and is 21 inches long.  We addressed the fussiness issues he’s been having and the doctor prescribed some medicine for reflux.  We’re hoping this helps him feel better. I’ve already eliminated major sources of dairy from my diet with no improvement, although I plan on continuing until we get to 2 weeks with no dairy, then I’ll re-evaluate. If it doesn’t seem to be dairy or reflux, the next step is trying out a hypoallergenic formula for a few days.  Hopefully it doesn’t come to that!!

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39 Weeks

I’m pretty sure the doctor wasn’t expecting to see me at my appointment today, but there I was.  I’ve progressed a little to 5cm, but still pregnant – just in case anyone was worried they’d missed an announcement.  I was reminded again that I could be induced at any time, so we decided to get me on the schedule for my due date.  If Devon hasn’t made his arrival on his own, we’ll be headed at the hospital on Wednesday the 28th at 7:30AM.  I’m sure most of what we heard was for our benefit, to egg us on a bit, but apparently whoever the doctor called to schedule the induction thought it was unnecessary, because obviously I’ll have him before then.  The doctor said he did think about trying to get me to cough – thinking that would jumpstart labor at this point.  Eventually he said something like, “All bets aside, just write her down.”

The plan is to break my water that morning and hope that everything else takes care of itself.  My doctor thinks we’ll have a baby by lunchtime.  I hope he’s right!!  He did list off several ways I could try to get labor started on my own – raspberry leaf tea, castor oil (because it would give me the runs so bad, that I’d get dehydrated and go into labor) or cocaine (which would probably kill me and/or the baby, but I would deliver first).  Always so helpful, Doc.

I have allergies and/or a cold right now and haven’t slept more than a total of 4 or 5 hours each of the last few nights.  I’m really hoping to get a good night’s sleep in before Devon makes his arrival, but I’m not counting on it at this point.  You combine this massive belly with congestion and a 2 year old who’s also sick and sleep doesn’t seem like a good possibility.


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Here We Go Again!!

*My mother thinks I share too much on here sometimes, so if you agree with her, you might not want to keep reading. I’ll be using words like “dilated” and “effaced.” You’ve now been sufficiently warned 🙂

I had my 38 week (and 1 day) appointment today. Chloe was born at 38 weeks, and I’ve been trying really hard not to anticipate that he’ll arrive by then, which is good since I’ve now surpassed that mark!! I’m perfectly happy with my decision not to get checked last week, but was ready to know what was going on today. Before checking me, my doctor asked if I’d been having any contractions. I told him I hadn’t experienced anything different than what’s been going on for months now. While he checked me, he described the rules of Speed Scrabble to DaddyMort and I, and then left us waiting in suspense while he finished talking about the cut-throat game he plays with “his wife and some creative writers who always get massive words.” When he finished his rant, he asked if I was sure I wasn’t in labor.

Turns out, I’m 4cm, 100% effaced at a -2 station. He immediately told us that we could schedule an induction for anytime after next Thursday, September 22nd, when I’ll be 39 weeks. I don’t feel like there’s a need to schedule anything yet, and I’d really like to keep things as natural as possible, but I might feel differently a week from now. I spent almost a week at this ‘progression’ with Chloe and was going crazy waiting by the end of it!!

I’ve been feeling more contractions today than I have before, but I don’t know if I’m truly having more or if I’m just paying more attention since I’m armed with this new information. They’re slightly uncomfortable, but not horrible and not close enough together to really worry about. I say that, but then I think, “If I’ve made it this far without anything being ‘horrible’ or ‘close enough’ who knows what all that means.”

So, here we go again!! Time to play the paranoid waiting game…

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37 Weeks

I had my appointment this morning.  It was uneventful and I opted not to get checked.  We decided not to stir up any trouble at this point – especially not ahead of the big Iowa vs. Iowa State football game this weekend 🙂  I will be getting checked next week at my 38 week appointment though.  That’s how far along I was when I had Chloe and I think curiosity will get the best of me by then.  As uncomfortable as I am at times lately – just check out my massive belly below – I’m really okay sticking it out for a couple weeks yet.  I feel like everyone else is more ready than I am!!

We’re still waiting on the arrival of the rocking chair for Devon’s room, I need to finish repairing the cloth diapers (the elastic needs to be replaced on all of them, since Chloe’s chubby little lets stretched it out) and the hospital bag needs to be packed.  Not to mention,  the house could use some cleaning and few more meals in the freezer would be nice.  However, we do have a crib, carseat and diapers and I am officially considered full-term, so we’ll be okay whenever he makes his arrival.

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30 Weeks

At 30 weeks, I can tell this is a different pregnancy this time around.
-My heartburn isn’t as bad as it was with Chloe Mae – I only have to take Tums about once a day, not multiple times a day.
-My hip and lower back pain seems to have subsided – instead I’m having more mid and upper back pain.
-I’m already unable to reach my toes, and being in the heart of summer, I need to have pretty toes.
-I didn’t have a single Braxton Hicks contraction that I was aware of with Chloe, but I’m having them all day, every day with Devon.  The Dr. says this is because I’m a veteran now and my uterus knows it needs to beef up to help me through child labor.  I get it, but seriously – ugh!!
-Here’s my seriously ginormous belly, complete with stretch marks.  Those were also absent at 30 weeks with Chloe.  This time around, the old stretch marks have already gotten some new friends.

I was deemed ‘boring’ again by the doctor at the beginning of my appointment today.  There was one minor exception 5 minutes later when my appointment was over.  I’m still measuring big – 32 cm at 30 weeks.  Since I grew 4 cm in the last 4 weeks, which is the normal growth rate, he wasn’t terribly concerned, but I will be having an ultrasound at my next appointment in 2 weeks.  He says there’s a 95% chance that there won’t be anything wrong, so I’m working on being only 5% worried.


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26 weeks

I had a check-up this morning, complete with the lovely glucose test.  I didn’t get any ominous phone calls from the doctor’s office today, so I assume that came out just fine.  My weight is up a total of 23 pounds so far.  (For some reason, that doesn’t sound too bad, but the actual weight itself freaks me out a bit, so we won’t talk about that.)  My blood pressure was fine and his heartbeat sounded marvelous.  My uterus measured at 28 cm. I think those are all the stats.  Here’s what the doctor said:

“You’re measuring 28, should be 26.  If you measure 2cm off, 2 appointments in a row or 3cm off once, there’s a 5% chance that something’s wrong.  That gives us a cheap way to get another ultrasound in, but usually everything’s fine.  You’re up 23 pounds. At this point, you should be up 16 pounds, plus or minus 5, so ehhh…. The normal range is 15-50, so unless I think you’re going to go over the 50 pound mark, I won’t yell at you.”

I think he even said that all in one breath – or so it seemed.  Then I blamed my additional weight gain on the discovery of ‘Stacker-mallows’ which lend themselves to microwave S’Mores.  My Dr. asked what kind of chocolate I was using.  When I said I was just using the standard Hershey’s, he said I needed to grow up, start being an adult, and use dark chocolate on my S’Mores.  Then he gave me my card to make another appointment in 4 weeks and we were done.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure you’ll have to read it again if you read this frequently, but…  I know there are many women who would not appreciate his style, but I really like my Dr’s sense of humor and his straight forward, matter of fact presentation of information.  If I had questions, I know he’d answer them, but he’s usually pretty clear on what’s going on, so I’m not left with any gray area.

Here are a couple pictures of my belly, with comparisons to when I was pregnant with Chloe Mae.  Even before I measured big today (which I don’t think accounts for most of the actual size of my belly) I was feeling huge, and the pictures made me feel even bigger.  I was looking at a picture from when I was 37 weeks pregnant with Chloe and decided I’m at least that size now.  So we recreated that picture last night, and sure enough, I think I look at least the same size.  And I have a couple months to go.  Oy!!

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Thanks for nothing, McFarland!

Before I even start, let me say, I know that I’m probably tired and cranky myself after dealing with a tired and cranky toddler for 3 days now.  I’m terribly frustrated none-the-less, so here comes the venting!!

Saturday evening, I picked Chloe Mae up from my mom’s house, after DaddyMort and I spent Friday night and all day Saturday removing wallpaper from BabyD’s room.  I was exhausted and sore, DaddyMort was exhausted and Chloe Mae followed suit.  She didn’t eat much dinner and we put her to bed early, because she had the shortest fuse I’ve seen in a long time – a sure sign that she’s a tired girl.  I didn’t think too much of it though, because she’d spent 24 hours playing with Nanna, Dudad and her cousin.  She had reason to be tired.

When she woke up cranky on Sunday morning, I chalked it up to residual tiredness.  Then she didn’t eat lunch, asked to go ‘night-night,’ but didn’t nap well.  She was obviously still tired, or sick – but she told us nothing hurt, so we decided to try a trip to the park, hoping that a change of scenery and fresh air might do us all some good.  She only made it about a half hour before we hit melt-down mode and came home.  Then we spent the next 3 hours with an inconsolable girl, who – again – didn’t eat dinner.  At this point she had a fever, but I didn’t know if it was a true fever or if it was just because she’d been so upset.  She went to bed even earlier and DaddyMort and I crossed our fingers that she’d wake up feeling refreshed.

It didn’t work.  When she woke up this morning, it was obvious something still wasn’t right.  She drank some smoothie for breakfast, but wouldn’t touch her toast or banana.  Then we headed off to Grandma’s for the day.  A day getting spoiled by Grandma has to be good for anyone!!  But she had another rough day and didn’t want to get out of bed after her nap.  DaddyMort brought her home, with many tears in the car, and we evaluated when we all got home.  She had a fever of 102+ and was so sad, tired and all around pathetic. 

I called FirstNurse.  They recommended that Chloe be seen, since she’s been sick for 3 days, with a fever.  The nurse transferred me to Pediatrics, who said they’d have to have their nurse call me back, but (and I quote) ‘not to worry, because they had several appointments left open tonight.’  When the Peds nurse called me back 45 minutes later, she said that since Chloe had only been (confirmed) sick for 60 hours instead of a full 72, that we didn’t need to be seen.  When I pushed her a little, (because I know when something’s isn’t right with my child,) she went on to say that if I was concerned (obviously, or I wouldn’t be calling!!), I could take her to the ER, but they didn’t have any appointments left open in Peds.  I was frustrated and made my feelings known.  When I said I’d be filing a complaing with the Clinic (because this is not the first problem we’ve had with them) the nurse informed me that she was the head of the department and said my complaint would go through her anyways.  Oh, great… 

We spent another few minutes discussing my options for tonight – the ER or Urgent Care.  We’ve had horrible luck with Urgent Care, because they say things like, “Well we don’t usually see kids, so I’m not really sure, but…”  Not very comforting, so I wasn’t really up for that option.  And although Chloe obviously doesn’t feel well, the ER seemed like overkill.  The problem was, the nurse was missing my whole point.  I was frustrated, because I had previously been told that Chloe should be seen and that there were appointments left open, but because of how their system is set up, we didn’t end up getting seen tonight.  And then she threw in: “It’s too bad you didn’t call earlier in the day when we had more staff.”  Not only would this have not made a difference, because I’ve had issues getting appointments during the day before, but this is my fault now?!?

Fighting with the nurse over the phone wasn’t doing anything to help my daughter, so I gave it up for the night.  I scheduled her an appointment for tomorrow morning, spent the night giving her extra cuddles, pumped her full of Ibuprofen (since her temp was up to 103) and put her to bed early.  I’m hoping we’ll be able to cancel her doctor’s appointment in the morning, but at least I’m on the books – which isn’t easy when you’re dealing with McFarland Clinic!!

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