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Momcomplishment – Eating a Hot Breakfast

In typical mom fashion, I rarely get to eat a hot breakfast, especially on weekdays when Daddy isn’t here as back-up. So this morning as I sat down with my pancake (reheated from the freezer) and saw that C had quickly scarfed down all but one bite, I sighed and said, “I suppose you’ll need me to get back up and get you more food?” It wasn’t my best moment, but I was hungry! So when C responded with, “No, I’m okay.” I was relieved that I could eat my food.

Then 20 seconds later, she told me she was hungry. *sigh* I suggested that she get a banana to split with her brother. That bought me a minute. Really, just one. These kids can eat very quickly (when they want to.) But then something amazing happened.

C got down from the table and walked over to the freezer. As she was opening it she said, “Are pancakes 30 seconds?” I was confused at first. “What’s happening here? What is she talking about?” Then I realized – microwave time. So I told her yes, then grabbed another bite while I watched her reseal the ziploc bag and close the freezer. I took a drink of my tea as she moved the step stool over to the microwave. She opened the microwave, put her plate in and closed it back up while I had another bite of pancake. Thirty seconds later, with some more of my breakfast gone, she opened the microwave and came back to the table with her second pancake in hand.

I got to sit for several minutes in a row and eat my still hot breakfast! I just knew it was going to be a good day 🙂

To be fair, right after C sat down, I had to get up and help D make himself another pancake ‘all by himself.’ But the promise of kids who can do for themselves is there. This might just be the first in a long line of hot, fresh meals for this Mama!

**In other news, by the looks of this picture, C had learned the art of the duck face.**

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Double Duty

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been staying home with the kids for over 3 months now. We’ve had a great summer and have just a couple more days to enjoy before we officially have a kindergartener in the house, and Devon gets me all to himself all day 🙂

This week, I’ve tried to do some prep-work for school lunches. So far, what I’ve done can also double as snacks. I feel like lately the kids have been eating snacks that are just a filler, versus snacks that are nutritious. Back-to-school is the perfect time for an overhaul!

So far, we’ve filled our pouches with homemade apple-plum-sauce and made homemade “Go-gurts” using these babies. The reusable pouches have been a favorite of the kids for a while now, but the silicone molds for yogurt, sans spoons, are new for us. We filled them with yogurt, froze them and took them to the Iowa State Fair last week. They were perfectly thawed by lunch time, a big hit with the kids and only mildly messy! Pretty much anything is messy with my kiddos though 🙂 They’re very excited to try out smoothies in the silicone molds next.


I also made a double batch of Peanut Butter Banana Muffins, regular sized for lunches and minis for snacks. These are super simple to make and are gluten free and dairy free with no added sugar, although I do add about half of the optional honey listed in the recipe. (And in case you actually want to make these muffins, I do not use a blender to make these. A mixer works just fine.)securedownload (1)

Do you have any recipes that can pull double duty for school lunches and snacks?

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Deja Vu – How Quickly We Forget

When Devon started solids, there wasn’t anything the boy wouldn’t eat.  And he would eat impressive amounts.  But recently, we’re struggling at mealtime.  I decided to look back at my blog from when Chloe was 9 months and see if we’d dealt with this.  Apparently, we did.

At dinner tonight, Devon had sweet potato cakes, quinoa, bread and applesauce.  He happily let me sneak in bites of applesauce in between his ‘big kid’ bites of other food and there was a heck of a lot less screaming during the meal.  The quinoa and sweet potato cakes had to be served from my fork or he wouldn’t eat it though.  Silly boy!!

There was even some clapping.  Or signing for “more.”  I’m not sure.  He’s cute either way.

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“Baby Devon” is 5 months old!

Before we knew what we were naming BabyD, we just talked about the baby in my tummy with Chloe Mae.  Once we decided on a name, he became Baby Devon in our conversations with her.  It quickly became habit and stuck with us even after he was born.  But the other day when I said something about “Baby Devon” I hesitated and fumbled my way through it, because I realized how quickly he’s growing up and becoming less of a baby every day.  Now, at almost 3, Chloe Mae is still my baby girl and I know Devon will always be my baby, he just won’t be a baby for long.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I apologize, but I assure you this makes a lot of sense in my head 🙂

I’ve been working on this post for a couple weeks now and now Devon will be 6 months old this weekend, so… I deleted most of my jumbled mess of a post and decided to go with the condensed version.

Devon is still ridiculously cute.  He can have good nights of sleep, but other nights we struggle a bit for a few hours in the middle of the night.  I’m not ready to go for the cry-it-out method, so we’re working through it and hoping it’s a phase that ends soon.  In the last week or so D’s started having ‘breakfast’ every morning and has so far enjoyed sweet potatoes, carrots, applesauce and butternut squash applesauce, as well as oatmeal cereal.  He’s not a fan of the rice cereal, just like his sister.  He’s a drool monster, but we still can’t see any teeth.  Devon has definitely enjoyed the nice weather we’ve been having and seems to love being outside.  In addition, he loves his big sister and thinks Chloe Mae is generally awesome, which she pretty much is.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully I’ll get his 6-month update done in a more timely fashion 🙂

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This is totally normal…


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Our Garden Makes Us Happy!

This is the 5th year we’ve done a garden.  It’s the first year that Miss Chloe Mae has been old enough to help out.  I’m excited to report that she’s excited to be involved! 🙂  She helped in the planning stages – we planted peas for the first time this year at her suggestion.  She helped us pull some weeds to get it ready for planting.  And since the seeds have gone in the ground, she’s been happy to help water the garden whenever necessary.  She has her own little watering can and she’ll make trip after trip from the rain barrel to the garden and back to the rain barrel to get a refill.

Last Friday, after Pizza Friday and cartoons, we asked if she wanted to go help us water the garden.  She started jumping up and down and yelling about going to the garden.  Then we spent 20 (sweaty) minutes watering the garden.  It’s not a fast process when you’re watering via rain barrel, 1 watering can and a kid-sized watering can that ends up mostly empty by the time it gets to the garden.  However, it was a great 20 minutes.  We talked, we had fun and we did something productive together as a family.

Peas, Beets, Carrots, Zucchini, Basil, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Peppers, & Green Beans

Added benefit of the garden – Chloe tried grilled zucchini the other night, because it was from the garden.  She didn’t like it, but she tried it, and that’s the first step!

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26 weeks

I had a check-up this morning, complete with the lovely glucose test.  I didn’t get any ominous phone calls from the doctor’s office today, so I assume that came out just fine.  My weight is up a total of 23 pounds so far.  (For some reason, that doesn’t sound too bad, but the actual weight itself freaks me out a bit, so we won’t talk about that.)  My blood pressure was fine and his heartbeat sounded marvelous.  My uterus measured at 28 cm. I think those are all the stats.  Here’s what the doctor said:

“You’re measuring 28, should be 26.  If you measure 2cm off, 2 appointments in a row or 3cm off once, there’s a 5% chance that something’s wrong.  That gives us a cheap way to get another ultrasound in, but usually everything’s fine.  You’re up 23 pounds. At this point, you should be up 16 pounds, plus or minus 5, so ehhh…. The normal range is 15-50, so unless I think you’re going to go over the 50 pound mark, I won’t yell at you.”

I think he even said that all in one breath – or so it seemed.  Then I blamed my additional weight gain on the discovery of ‘Stacker-mallows’ which lend themselves to microwave S’Mores.  My Dr. asked what kind of chocolate I was using.  When I said I was just using the standard Hershey’s, he said I needed to grow up, start being an adult, and use dark chocolate on my S’Mores.  Then he gave me my card to make another appointment in 4 weeks and we were done.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure you’ll have to read it again if you read this frequently, but…  I know there are many women who would not appreciate his style, but I really like my Dr’s sense of humor and his straight forward, matter of fact presentation of information.  If I had questions, I know he’d answer them, but he’s usually pretty clear on what’s going on, so I’m not left with any gray area.

Here are a couple pictures of my belly, with comparisons to when I was pregnant with Chloe Mae.  Even before I measured big today (which I don’t think accounts for most of the actual size of my belly) I was feeling huge, and the pictures made me feel even bigger.  I was looking at a picture from when I was 37 weeks pregnant with Chloe and decided I’m at least that size now.  So we recreated that picture last night, and sure enough, I think I look at least the same size.  And I have a couple months to go.  Oy!!

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