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Tailor Sitting & Pelvic Tilts

We started our childbirth class a couple weeks ago and have one more class before we’re done.  We’ve covered a lot of good information, and even though most of it wasn’t completely new to me, it was good to hear again and nice to hear it from a childbirth educator as opposed to just reading it somewhere. 
One of the first things we covered were some exercises that all of us moms could be doing to help prepare our bodies for labor and delivery.  I’m a planner and I like being in control, so waiting for labor and all of the unknowns that go with labor make me pretty uneasy.  Having a few exercises that I can do on a daily basis definitely make me feel like I have a little more control over the situation, even if that’s not really true 🙂
These are the 2 I try to do every day and I also throw in squatting whenever I have a chance, even if it’s just for a few seconds while I’m sorting laundry or something.  We also did these in my prenatal yoga class, so I’ve had a little practice, but the reminder in childbirth class was just what I needed to start doing them at home.
Tailor Sitting, Cobblers Pose, Butterfly...

Tailor Sitting, Cobbler's Pose, Butterfly...

 Tailor sitting is said to strengthen and stretch muscles in your back, thighs and pelvis.  It doesn’t take much work on my part and it’s convenient to do while I’m watching TV or reading a book, so it’s by far the easiest to accomplish daily!!  I also like to lean forward every now and then while I’m doing it to help stretch out my hips.

Pelvic Tilt or Angry Cat

Pelvic Tilt or Angry Cat

Pelvic tilts strengthen the abdominals and uterus and help relieve lower back pain.  I try to do these both morning and night, right when I wake up and before I go to bed, because it’s easier to do on the bed without the dogs bugging me.  (They bug me when I Tailor Sit, but then my hands are free to shove them away until they get the idea.)   They said in class that doing this during labor even can help relieve some discomfort and I was told during yoga that doing this can help calm a squirmy baby at night.  So far, I’ve been too lazy to actually try it when she’s moving around at 3AM…

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I *heart* yoga!

For Christmas, I got a gift certificate for a 6-week prenatal yoga class.  The 6 weeks ended February 11th.  I really enjoyed the class and I wanted to continue it throughout my pregnancy.  However, it was the first time the hospital had offered the class and they didn’t get the next session scheduled right away, so I haven’t had yoga for the last few weeks.  In the same time period, I’ve been getting increasingly uncomfortable, which I suppose is to be expected, as BabyMort is taking up more space these days.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the class tonight, because I know I’ve gotten a lot bigger in the last few weeks and certain movements are definitely more awkward for me.

Well, I’m happy to report that even after a few weeks break, yoga was still fantastic!!  I got to strech and relax and didn’t even care that I was totally clumsy and have zero balance.  (I seriously almost fell over a handful of times…)  As a bonus, I feel a ton more energized than I have lately – even though I had a horrible night’s sleep last night.  Thank goodness for yoga!!

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4 months and counting

I thought I’d put out a sort of catch-all update.  There isn’t anything BIG going on with BabyMort right now, we’re just chugging along.

-I think I’m only grasping at hope at this point, trying to wear my pre-pregnancy pants.  They can barely be zipped, an inch of zipping doesn’t do a whole lot, and the Bella Bands can only do so much.  Luckily, I was given a couple pairs of maternity pants for work (thanks!!) and I found a great deal on jeans after Thanksgiving, so I have a little to work with for the time being.  I’m trying to hold off on buying too many pairs for work until I know where I’ll be working/if I’ll have a job in a few weeks.

-I’ve never really drank much.  I don’t like beer or most wines and cocktails make me too tired to be worth it.  So, I didn’t think I’d miss it at all while being pregnant.  With the holidays coming up though, I’m wishing I could have just one glass of Riesling on Christmas Eve while opening presents or some Moscato D’ Asti while celebrating on New Year’s Eve.    Oh well!!  I’d much rather have a baby 😀

-I’m getting anxious to have our ultrasound.  I think it will be in the first full week of January sometime (waiting to hear back from the Dr’s office to know for sure.)  I grin like crazy when we hear the heartbeat, so I can’t even imagine how great it will be to actually see BabyMort!!  And, for those who don’t know: Yes, we’ll be finding out the sex (fingers crossed that his/her legs aren’t crossed!!) and Yes, we’ll be sharing the news with everyone.

-I’m amazed by how many things are labeled “no-no’s” in pregnancy.  I would be miserable if I avoided all the things that I’ve heard at some point or another that you should avoid.  I’m sticking with what I’ve been told by my doctor.  He’s pretty straightforward with us and I trust his opinion – which is good, because I don’t think I could avoid an occasional Jimmy John’s sub or a good hot shower when it’s -3 degrees in the AM.

-I haven’t decided how I feel about people touching my tummy yet.  If you don’t know me, you might just think I have a beer belly, but for those who do know me, you can definitely tell.  So a few people have touched my belly, and I didn’t mind when it was a family member, but when it was somebody at work, I felt a little iffy about it.  This person is  very sweet, kind and caring, so I know only the best intentions were involved, but still…

-I haven’t felt BabyMort move yet, but we heard movement when we heard the heartbeat last time.  I’ve been told that it can be hard to differentiate between movement and gas at first, especially with your first pregnancy.  I’ve had plenty of gas thanks to the little one, so I think it’ll have to be pretty significant movement before I really notice it.

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Why I’m here…

I am lucky to be starting on the wonderful journey of motherhood and I want to remember every wonderful – and not so wonderful – moment!!  As of today, I’m about 6 1/2 weeks pregnant.  The world works in mysterious ways, because we found out right about the same time I was thrown back into the world of job-hunting.  After almost 5 years with the hotel, the corporate management company that’s been here for the past couple years decided that my mom and I shouldn’t work in the same office.  *sigh*  That’s a whole ‘nother story…but, Aaron and I are trying to take everything in stride and believe that everything will work out for the best in the end.  After almost a year of trying, we feel very blessed to be pregnant, regardless of the timing!!

So, stay tuned for updates on all my experiences, filled with probably more information than you’ll need or want at times!!


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