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You Know You’re Pregnant When…

…you are half asleep and you’re dreaming about rolling over in bed like it’s no big deal. Then you wake up and realize you’ll actually need about 3 minutes and the assistance of your husband.


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You know you’re a parent when…

  • You drive all the way to work, after dropping off your child, and don’t realize you’re still listening to (and probably singing along to) kid’s music until you turn off the car.
  • The first book you download for your new Kindle* is ‘Curious George Goes to the Beach.’

*And might I just add how amazing DaddyMort is??  He saved his money to buy me a Kindle, cover w/ booklight and Amazon gift card to buy books with for our anniversary.  He had enough forethought to do this months before our anniversary so that I can get it all loaded up and figured out before Devon arrives.

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Art Gallery

When daycare started sending artwork home when Chloe was only 3 months old, I figured we better come up with a way to display her accomplishments for the next 18 years. With a couple eye hooks, some fishing line and pretty paper clips we created our gallery.  It’s easy to change our inventory and there’s room for portraits of Chloe and her friends.

We put this up in our dining room and it just so happens I get to spend my meals gazing at it. And it usually makes me smile 🙂


What are you ideas for displaying the never ending artwork your kids produce??

This post is linked to Works For Me Wednesday.

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We have a new vehicle…

…and I’m trying to be happy about it.  Here’s the thing though – it’s a minivan.  And there’s just something about a minivan.  I can’t explain what, there’s just something.  Here’s what the logical side of me knows I should be saying about our new acqusition:

We got a minivan!  We traded in my Chevy Equinox for a Mercury Monterey, and got the dealership to cut us a check.  As Chloe will happily tell you, it’s mommy’s favorite color – blue.  There are power sliding doors for the backseat, which is a huge plus with little ones.  The front seats are heated leather seats, with memory settings for several drivers and power adjustable pedals.  There are dual climate controls for the front seat and separate controls for the rear of the vehicle.  The dash displays all kinds of cool things – like miles left until you need to fill up.  And there’s even a built-in kid mirror so I can see my little one(s) in the back seat!

In addition to some of the nicer features the van has, it gets better gas mileage than our previous vehicle.  And the reason we traded it in – we can fit up to 7 people (comfortably 6, but still…)  With the Equinox, we wouldn’t have even been able to fit a 5th person in with 2 car seats.  Now, with the minivan, we can take road trips with family and load up in 1 vehicle.  There’s a decent amount of cargo space in the back and the rest we can strap onto the luggage rack on top.  Now we just need to plan our first trip!

I’m going to review these great features every day, start on some fun adventures in our minivan and pretty soon, that something will be a thing of the past.

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I love my daughter enough to…

…eat gelato for her!!  We got a great deal on a play kitchen for her about a year ago.  We found some some food on clearance a couple months later, MissK gave Chloe a couple plates and we’ve borrowed a fork and a bowl from Chloe’s personal collection.  She’s been lacking in bowls though.  *cue hero music*  So last week, DaddyMort and I got some gelato and saved the little bowls and spoons that came with it.  We brought them home, gave them a good wash and ta-dah!!


 She was seriously excited about these from the first moment she saw them – still covered in sticky gelato. They were sitting on the counter tonight and she spotted them during dinner. We spent the rest of dinner saying, “Yes kiddo. We’ll play with the blue bowls after dinner.”  “Yes, we’ll take them downstairs to your playroom after dinner.”   “Chloe Mae, when did we say we’d play with the blue bowls? ….  Yes, after dinner.”  So after dinner, Chloe had the time of her life playing with some almost-garbage.

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Chloe’s Stories

When Chloe Mae wants to read a book (which is pretty much all the time these days) she’s pretty clear about it.  She says, “Bouk, bouk!!”  But when she says , “Stowy, stowy!!” it means she wants to read from this book:

We've read this book so much in the last few months that some of the writing on the front has rubbed off.

There are about 20 stories in this collection, each one about 15 pages long.  Every story starts out the same: “This is Apple Tree Farm.  This is Mrs. Boot, the farmer.  She has two children called Poppy and Sam and a dog called Rusty.”  Quite often, the story just doesn’t quite flow.

The top line says, “Curly is out.”  Then the following lines say, “Then with a grunt, Curly pops through the fence.  ‘He’s out, he’s out,’ shouts Sam.”  They seem to repeat themselves.  I know there are some books that have condensed or more complete versions of the text, so we’ve tried reading through the stories reading on only the top lines or only the bottom lines, but the stories don’t make sense that way either.

If Chloe Mae had it her way, we would read through this 320 page book every day – or even all in one sitting.  DaddyMort and I on the other hand have a limit of about 4 or 5 stories at once.  On the weekends, it leans more towards Chloe’s preferences though – because she has all day to ask for her stories.  And really, what kind of parents would we be if we said, “I’m sorry kiddo.  We’re not going to read any more stories today.”

Let me tell you though, about a half hour before bedtime tonight, DaddyMort and I exchanged a look when Chloe wanted another story.  Who was going to be the lucky parent who got to read with her??  What a problem we have 🙂

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Chloe’s First Thanksgiving (in Ohio)

For as long as I can remember, I have made a bi-annual trek to Dayton, OH with my family to visit some of our wonderful extended family.  I have lots of great memories and was excited 4 years ago when Aaron got to join me for the first time.  This year is Chloe’s first chance to go, and although I am excited, we have to survive the drive first.

From door-to-door, the trip is 612 miles.  Six hundred and twelve miles with a cutie who has gotten restless as the weather has gotten colder and she’s been stuck inside more – but still able to run around.  Six hundred and twelve miles with an adorable little girl who sometimes gets tired of being in the car on a short trip across town or waiting for a train.  Six hundred and twelve miles….

On the drive out, we’re breaking it up into 2 days.  Tuesday afternoon/evening, we hope to make it to Indianapolis.  Assuming that Chloe falls asleep in the car for her regular afternoon nap and again around bedtime, she should sleep for a good portion of Tuesday’s drive.  We’ll finish with just a short drive to Dayton on Wednesday.  The trip home, however, we are doing all in 1 day.

I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that Chloe will probably spend most of the 1024 miles with some sort of snack in hand.  I’ve also accepted that we’ll be making even more stops than we did 2 years ago when we made the trip with 2 pregnant women with tiny bladders.  We’ve been clinging to Chloe’s two nap-a-day schedule, even though she’s been giving clues that she might be ready for just one, in hopes that she’ll sleep just a little more during our drive.  I have a few new toys for Chloe to play with and we’ve stocked up on DVD’s of her favorite show, The Backyardigans.  (It’s her favorite, because it’s one of the only shows she gets to watch, because it’s one of the only shows mom and dad don’t mind watching!!)  And Chloe will have mom, dad, Nanna and Dudad in the car to entertain her, aka – she’ll be in heaven.  It will be fine.  We will all survive.  I’m aware of this, but I wouldn’t really be me if I didn’t worry, right??

To further soothe my worries, I’ve convinced myself that the whole ride will go as well as the 20 minute ride to grandma and grandpa’s did on Sunday…

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