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“Drowning isn’t good for your pregnancy”

That’s what I learned at my doctor’s appointment.  Good to know!!  I was asking if he had any suggestions for my lower back pain.  He gave me a piece of paper with some exercises and said heat in the form of a heating pad or hot bath would be okay.  Then he went on to say that a lot of woman like pools, because it’s a temporary relief from the effects of gravity (but it sucks to get out) and that hot tubs are okay.  The ‘no hot tub’ rule only applies to the first 6 weeks – as long as you follow the posted instructions and don’t stay in longer than 10 minutes.  The only problem with hot tubs, according to my doc, is that “When you stand up, all the blood drains down to your feet, you pass out, hit your head and drown.  Drowning is not good for the pregnancy.”

My doctor also likes my shirt, although since there’s green in it, he thinks I should have waited until next Tuesday to wear it.  I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that man who wears scrubs and red Converse hi-tops every day likes my outfit 😀

Really, everything was fine.  I’ve gained 25 pounds so far and should gain about a pound a week the rest of the pregnancy.  Personally, I hope I won’t top the 35 pound mark, since 25-35 is my recommended weight gain, but they said I’m doing alright.  I measured just fine and when he heard BabyMort’s hearbeat he said, “That’s what a healthy baby sounds like.”

I go back in just 2 weeks this time.  I’ll have to start thinking about my outfit…

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Over 60% there…

There’s no hiding it – I’m pregnant.  According to my mom, who is completely unbiased, “I’m just so darn cute!!”  That’s good for me at least!!  At my 20 week appointment, Dr. Leeds said I was measuring small.  Luckily, at my 24 week appointment, I measured 24 centimeters, which in his words is, perfect!! 
24 week belly shot

24 week belly shot

How funny is Nick – he has to be right there every time my picture gets taken.
Chloe Mae likes to sleep all day and party all night.  She seems to like to do the worm, kick and just wiggle in general.  On Sunday morning, while I was still sound asleep, Aaron could tell Chloe was moving around a lot, so he nudged me into rolling over so that my belly was against his back.  He was then treated to a ‘backrub’ by his daughter.  Isn’t he adorable??  I got warm fuzzies when he told me about it when I woke up.
She’s about a pound and a half in weight now.   Her lungs are starting to develop for breathing in the real world and her nostrils are opening this week so that she can practice breathing.  Her fingernails and toenails are starting to grow out over her nail beds and her hair is developing color.  I also read that she’s starting to fatten up a little this week, so she won’t look quite so wrinkly.
I started working at a financial agency last week.  It’s a temp job through the end of April, because they’re so busy with tax season.  The future of the job is up in the air after that, but I’m really hoping they decide they need someone part-time starting about August 😀  I’d been holding off on buying maternity clothes, because I figured I really wouldn’t need many if I was unemployed.  A few days into last week, I realized I’d need more if I was working for the next 2.5 months, so we went shopping in Des Moines over the weekend.  My wonderful husband encouraged me to buy whatever I wanted, but staying true to form, I stuck with the sale items as much as possible.  I got some good stuff and feel cute when I go to work now instead of frumpy!!
25 weeks

25 weeks

 We also got our nursery furniture over the weekend.  We’d found a couple pieces we really liked at Homemakers, and after looking a few more places and thinking about it for a few more weeks, we decided that’s what we wanted.  The crib came with a toddler rail, so it’ll convert into a bed for Chloe in a couple years and the changing table is a dresser, with the top part being removable.  We picked it up on Monday night in my mom’s RAV.  The crib box was bigger than we thought it would be, but luckily her RAV has a luggage rack, so the nice guys at Homemakers tied it on tight and we made it back to Ames without any problems.  I’m getting antsy for the weather to improve a little so we can start working on the nursery.  We’re replacing the windows in her room, which we want to get done before we paint, since there will probably be some sheetrock repair, but don’t really want a hole in the side of our house when it’s 20 degrees outside!!

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5 shirts, I swear!!

Can someone explain to me why the maternity sections of clothing stores (at least in Ames) only carry like 5 shirts??  I swear there were more options for pants  than for shirts – maybe like 7 or 8.  I was looking for an outfit to wear to my interview last week that looked professional and didn’t scream, “HEY, I’M PREGNANT!!”  I had recently been in Target and knew that they had nothing to offer, so I headed to the mall and looked in Younkers and JcPenneys.  Neither store had a button down shirt available in their maternity section.  In fact, in January, all they had available were baggy, short sleeved shirts with weird designs on them.  And they were like $40 a shirt – seriously, for a t-shirt??

I ended up finding a non-maternity shirt that I thought looked okay in the clearance section.  It was just long enough to cover the panel on my dress pants and not super tight.  After this experience, I have to admit that there’s a small (very small) part of me that hopes I don’t find a job before Chloe gets here, just so I can live out the rest of the pregnancy in sweatshirts and Aaron’s t-shirts, therefore avoiding any more maternity clothes shopping!!

(I just knocked on wood several times and am hoping that I’m not jinxing myself…)

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4 months and counting

I thought I’d put out a sort of catch-all update.  There isn’t anything BIG going on with BabyMort right now, we’re just chugging along.

-I think I’m only grasping at hope at this point, trying to wear my pre-pregnancy pants.  They can barely be zipped, an inch of zipping doesn’t do a whole lot, and the Bella Bands can only do so much.  Luckily, I was given a couple pairs of maternity pants for work (thanks!!) and I found a great deal on jeans after Thanksgiving, so I have a little to work with for the time being.  I’m trying to hold off on buying too many pairs for work until I know where I’ll be working/if I’ll have a job in a few weeks.

-I’ve never really drank much.  I don’t like beer or most wines and cocktails make me too tired to be worth it.  So, I didn’t think I’d miss it at all while being pregnant.  With the holidays coming up though, I’m wishing I could have just one glass of Riesling on Christmas Eve while opening presents or some Moscato D’ Asti while celebrating on New Year’s Eve.    Oh well!!  I’d much rather have a baby 😀

-I’m getting anxious to have our ultrasound.  I think it will be in the first full week of January sometime (waiting to hear back from the Dr’s office to know for sure.)  I grin like crazy when we hear the heartbeat, so I can’t even imagine how great it will be to actually see BabyMort!!  And, for those who don’t know: Yes, we’ll be finding out the sex (fingers crossed that his/her legs aren’t crossed!!) and Yes, we’ll be sharing the news with everyone.

-I’m amazed by how many things are labeled “no-no’s” in pregnancy.  I would be miserable if I avoided all the things that I’ve heard at some point or another that you should avoid.  I’m sticking with what I’ve been told by my doctor.  He’s pretty straightforward with us and I trust his opinion – which is good, because I don’t think I could avoid an occasional Jimmy John’s sub or a good hot shower when it’s -3 degrees in the AM.

-I haven’t decided how I feel about people touching my tummy yet.  If you don’t know me, you might just think I have a beer belly, but for those who do know me, you can definitely tell.  So a few people have touched my belly, and I didn’t mind when it was a family member, but when it was somebody at work, I felt a little iffy about it.  This person is  very sweet, kind and caring, so I know only the best intentions were involved, but still…

-I haven’t felt BabyMort move yet, but we heard movement when we heard the heartbeat last time.  I’ve been told that it can be hard to differentiate between movement and gas at first, especially with your first pregnancy.  I’ve had plenty of gas thanks to the little one, so I think it’ll have to be pretty significant movement before I really notice it.

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Bella Bands

Have I mentioned that I’ve been bloated??  It’s a generally uncomfortable feeling that I could do without, but the real issue has been my clothes!!  As I’ve mentioned before, something that fits in the AM might not fit later on in the day.  And it’s now getting to the point where a lot of things don’t even fit in the AM.  If I can get something buttoned, the tightness tends to aggrivate any symptoms of nausea that I may be experiencing.  However, I don’t think I need to switch to maternity apparel yet – #1, I don’t have a large budget for maternity clothes, so I’d prefer to wait as long as possible to keep the variety in my wardrobe;  #2, I don’t have a large budget for maternity clothes, so I don’t really want to spend a lot of it on winter pieces;  #3, I’d just look silly, because I don’t really look pregnant yet.  So, in come Bella Bands:

Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday BellaBand

I ordered 2 of these last week – one in black and one in white with lace on the bottom.  They are fantastic!!  The whole idea is what you can continue to wear your normal pants, but can leave them unbuttoned (and possibly unzipped depending on the pants), because the Bella Band covers up your unbuttoned-ness and holds everything in place.  As you get bigger and switch to maternity pants, reviews say that you can continue to wear them if the panel is a little baggy to help smooth things out.

They were a little pricey – at least for someone as bargain driven as I am – but I think it was well worth the money, because instead of only getting 1-2 pairs of pants for the money, I can wear them with all of my pants, both work and casual.


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