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Crib Safety

We were lucky enough to have someone give us a crib mattress this weekend.  Of course, then we immediately had to put the crib skirt, sheet and bumper so we could see what it all looks like.  I had about 3 seconds to enjoy it before I started worrying…

It looks cute, but should we really use a crib bumper?  Everything I read says you shouldn’t use them because of possible suffocation.  However, pretty much everyone I know still uses one.  They sell them, so how bad could they really be??  Those are my initial thoughts, but still, do I want to take the risk??

Is the mattress ‘snug’ enough?  So far, I haven’t found anything that tells me how snug a snug mattress is supposed to be, just that it should be.  Supposedly, we have a standard size crib and were given a standard size mattress, so it should fit, but I know there are slight variations.  If our crib is just slightly too big and the mattress slightly too small, that could add up to a big difference.  I assume you don’t have to wedge the mattress in every time you change the sheets, but how much space is too much space??  1/2″, 1″, 2″…I just don’t know.

Anyone have the knowledge to calm my worries??  (On this topic at least…)


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