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You know you’re a parent when…

….you get a call at work from your daycare provider asking if your child had asparagus for dinner the night before, because she has really (horrible, knock you over) smelly pee.

Yes, this seriously happened to me.  I have such a stinky (but adorable) daughter!!

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Why I Love Childserve: Reason #297

There are many reasons why I love Childserve, Chloe’s daycare.  Reasons #1, #2, #3….are Rendee and Clara, Chloe’s 2 full-time caregivers and all of the other wonderful people who take care of her while we work.

This is another one.  This is part of her “progress report” for March.

  • My favorite activity of the month is: Crawling all over the room and pushing the push toys on my knees.
  • My favorite food is:  Crackers and bread. I mostly just like sitting at the table with everyone else.
  • I’m working on and learning how to do this for the month: Standing in my crib and pulling myself up to the shelves to get all the rest of the toys.

"The day Clara did art I tried to eat it."

"St. Patrick's Day Jello. I didn't know how to pick it up....so I sucked it off the table!"

"Mom said I didn't eat my toast for breakfast, but I ate all Clara's Birthday Cake."

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What a Monday!!

Before I even had my phone turned on or my computer up and running this morning at work, my personal line started ringing.  My personal line rarely rings and when it does, it’s most likely daycare.  That’s usually not a good thing.  So I took a deep breath and answered.  The conversation started like this, “I don’t want to freak you out or anything…”

Apparently, Chloe decided to have a cracker-stuffing contest with a friend sitting next to her at snack-time.  When she tried to swallow her mouthful of dry crackers, she started choking.  They pulled her out of her chair and she apparently got rid of the crackers herself, but not before her lips turned purple.  Then she got sick and wouldn’t stop crying because was understandably scared.  To top it all off, they had a sub in the room today, so when Rendee called to tell me what had happened, I could hear Chloe crying in the background, because she was already scared and then was being held by a stranger.

*sigh*  Hopefully this means our week can only get better!!


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